5 Tips To Ensure Your Website Design & SEO

Keeping SEO factor in mind is very important when one starts designing a website. From the content placement to the ease of navigation, everything should be kept in mind. This ensures that visitors who are visiting the page stay on the page, which in turn helps in search engine page ranking. With mobile becoming primary device for internet usage, website designers keep it in account while designing the website and making sure that SEO is done right.

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As a designer, you must have question on what things should be kept in mind while designing so that the SEO is right too. So, here are 5 tips to ensure that your website design and SEO is done right-

1. Knowing your usability factor

You have brought a visitor to your site. Great! But, the real question that arises is- are they sticking on to your website or did they just bounced off it after a few minutes. The question would determine the usability factor of your website and the offering you have. Having a greater usability factor helps in the following way-

A. Search engine’s goal is to give the best site for which the user have searched for and this is based on certain criteria. One of the most important of which is the amount of time the user spends on your website and the bounce rate. If the users coming to your site are leaving it quickly, then search engine won’t show it in top results.

B. A greater usability factor ensures that the page visitors do not leave the site as soon as they visit the page.

So, make sure that your website has great user experience to help increase your website’s usability factor.

2. Design to make your content discoverable

There are several websites who have amazing content on them. But, the problem is that the site visitor rarely pay attention or read that content. The reason being that the way content is placed or the website is designed, the user hardly gets to know that their is a content on that page of the website. This not only makes that content of no use, but also causes the page visitor to leave the page fast as they have nothing to do on that page.

To avoid such scenario here are few recommendation we would like to give so that you can make your content discoverable-

A. Keep in mind the F-pattern of users reading a web page. According to the F-pattern, a reader first goes to entire content from left to right at the top of the web page. After this they move vertically down and again start moving from left to right but, do not read up to the entire right. Next, they move vertically down. Therefore, we would recommend you to place important content on the left top portion so that it would attract viewer.

B. Use of proper font and size is yet another important factor. Do not use fonts that are difficult for a viewer to read. Also, neither keep the font size too big that it starts to look weird, nor too small that it is isn’t visible.

C. Since most of your audience would be coming from mobile devices, make sure that the content is placed such that it is easily visible on mobile devices.

D. Also keep in mind the color that is used in the website design. Many a times, due to the usage of too bright color, the content gets hidden. So, make sure that the color chosen are not too bright and complement the text rather than hindering it.

3. The Key is High Quality Content

‘Çontent is the king’ and whether you are trying to rank higher on search engine page ranking or wanting that your page visitor spend more time on internet, content plays the lead role. Several aspects should be kept in mind if you inspire to have quality content for your website. We are mentioning them below-

A. While there is no set rule for the length of the content, try keeping in mind the target audience when you are writing content for a certain page of your website.

B. Never try to stuff too many keywords in the content. Try keeping the keyword density anywhere between 1-3%.

C. Content relevancy is yet another point you should keep in mind. Never divert too much from a topic that it becomes irrelevant for the reader. This not only leads the user to bounce from the site but is also bad from SEO point of view.

4. Images done right

Images are one of the most important part of a website and their right placement is very essential for a website to meet its target. The major aspects to look upon are-

A. Relevancy of the image. Is the image perfect for the page or can it be improved? A relevant image can make your website content much more interesting.

B. Compressing the image before uploading it on the website is a must. Since, majority of your users are on mobile device, you need to ensure that the images of are of low size. This would help your website to load faster.

C. Now, the most important factor is inserting the alt tags and writing description for every image, so that search engines can easily identify the image and show it to people searching for it.

5. Be careful while redesigning

Website design is not a one time process, instead it’s an ongoing one. So, after you have designed your website once, had visitors review it and gain feedback, it’s time to take up the redesigning process. While redesigning, make sure that you have checked each and every page of website, made notes of the problems and discuss prospective solution. Only after zeroing down to the solution, you should start redesigning your website.

These are the 5 tips one must keep in mind to make sure that the website design and SEO is done right. What do you guys think? Do share your reviews below.

5 Tips To Ensure Your Website Design & SEO
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