3 Best Instagram Tools that Every Social Media Marketer Should Try

Facebook and Twitter have entrenched themselves in social media marketing simply because they were among the very first to come into existence. However, Instagram has more than made up for lost time by clocking up an amazing 600 million active users per month in just a few years. With its exclusively pictorial content, the level of engagement is also far superior to the rest of the social media networks.

Instagram marketers also have the advantage of being able to use a number of tools to increase their marketing reach and impact. Some of the top tools are discussed below:

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Iconosquare is among the most popular analytics tools used by Instagram marketers to track metrics that represent important aspects of their accounts. The tool lets you identify the sort of posts that are most liked and interacted with by users so that you are able to take inspiration and design future content that has the potential of being liked more by your target audience. This enables you to save a lot of time and money by eliminating the guesswork out of Instagram post creation.

You don’t have to be an expert in crunching numbers as the report formats are visual which allows you to immediately get to the root of an issue. Among the many reports generated are the numbers of users gained and lost as well as the best time to post your content.


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Minter.io functions very similarly like Iconosquare and is a very good alternative analytical tool for Instagram marketers. You can generate detailed information like the rate of engagement of your audience, the popularity of specific hashtags, as well as, the ideal time to post your photo and video content for the maximum eyeballs. Clicking on the Engagement tab allows you to have a view of your account’s vital statistics like the total number of Instagram posts, the number of likes generated by services like Like4Like and comments over time periods that you can specify. The Optimization tab gives you an idea of what posting strategies you can adopt to increase your audience engagement.


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The ability to generate user content is the edge that many successful Instagram marketers possess. You can elevate the awareness of your brand and win credibility and confidence from prospects by encouraging users to post feedback about their experience with the brand. You can use Wishpond to generate ideas for hashtag contests as well as to organize sweepstakes, photo caption contests or referral programs across various social network platforms. By doing this, you can reach a wider audience and give your brand better saliency.


Instagram is a very powerful marketing platform. Apart from the sheer muscle of its population of over 600 million, the high level of user engagement possible due to the visual content is an extremely attractive proposition for any social media marketer. To extract the best potential from the platform, social media marketers can use a large number of tools that make analyzing, organizing, and optimizing campaigns easier.

3 Best Instagram Tools that Every Social Media Marketer Should Try
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