Google I/O 2017: The Most Promising Announcements on Google Updates

Google I/O is an annual developer’s conference where major platform developers, executives and engineers gather to get an idea about how to make Android more competent so that it can stand ahead in the upcoming year. But now, it has become a perfect platform where Google proudly announces new updates and shows its upcoming technologies to the world.

google io 2017

Something big had happened in the recently organized Google I/O 2017 developer’s conference where Google did not gather that huge crowd to announce only one update rather the conference was held to unveil a lot of new products and improvements. The new products and updates are the major takeaways that will further affect the way developer’s and normal users interact with Google services on a regular basis.

Here, you can explore the major highlights of the Google I/O 2017 developer’s conference:

Android O

Google lovers might be aware of the fact that Google unveils the latest Android update or versions every year in I/O conference. And, this time Google has come up with the highly powerful Android feature i.e., Android O beta. It is live now and is available to download on Pixel and Nexus devices. Google has officially launched Android O beta to accommodate the developers to enhance their skills for upgrading next Android versions.

The process of installing O beta is not so typical as it requires to have the mentioned devices. After that you can choose the program you wish to enroll with and then an Android OTA update will be displayed on your screen. An added advantage is, you will not face the loss of your stored data in your device due to installation.

Android Go

Along with Android O, Google has released an updated platform named Android Go which will be utilized for optimizing the upcoming and the latest releases of Android for less capacitive and inexpensive devices. The main agenda behind revealing this powerful feature is to make low-cost devices useful with advanced functionalities. In the future devices or smartphones, there will reside a set of Google apps which will be using fewer data and memory. Also, the devices will have an additional version of the Play Store which will suggest the suitable apps for those particular devices.

Google Lens

google lens
This concept is going to rock the world with its astonishing feature and performance. Google Lens introduction is not a small contribution by Google even it is an extremely big step taken by the community to make the search criteria easy and interesting for people. Basically, it is a comprehensive set of vision based computing methods that can recognize the things in the real world by using advanced knowledge graph and Google’s AI. Google Lens, also known as the Google’s Goggles on steroids is powerful and the first set of this feature will be integrated first in Google Assistant prior than any other Google product.

To make this concept clear, CEO Mr. Sunder Pichai elaborated it with some breathtaking examples such as finding Wifi username & password by putting the phone camera on the router, identifying specific flower and also identifying a store or shop in the real world.

Google Assistant

google assistent
Google Assistant – one of the big announcements by Google I/O 2017 revealed that around 100 million devices now have access to the egregious Google Assistant. Due to the capabilities of Google Lens, Google Assistant is about to get smarter as it enables you to directly converse with anything appearing to your device screen. In short, people will be able to talk with Google Assistant just like Siri in iPhone.

It has been incorporated in iPhone series and now projected to be integrated into all Android devices. More on that, Google Assistant can now be well-fit in whatever device users want including TVs, Cars, Toys, Home Appliances and Drink Mixers. This feature is actually opening up the new ways for market ventures.

Google Home

google home
Google previously announced Google Home in 2016 at its 2016 I/O developer’s conference. Now, it has come up with its updated software capabilities and will be able to send push notifications for all those apps that grant Google permission. Adding more to it, this feature will also be turned into a hands-free phone enabling voice call facility. Further, anyone can reap benefits of Google Home by personalizing the calls based on recognized voice of a particular person. Additionally, Google Home is soon launching the feature of Bluetooth support which will effectively turn it into the Bluetooth speaker for iOS and other devices.

Google Photos

google photos
Google Photos is not a new product even people have been using it from past few years to keep their photos and videos secure. Currently, it has gained around 500 million active users who regularly upload 1.2 billion pictures and videos for their convenience. The announcement by CEO Sunder Pichai about Google Photos was for some new feature updates which provide new ways of sharing pictures. Let us explore other enchanting features.

It ensures suggested sharing which reminds users sharing photos with one another.

Supports automatic photo sharing to facilitate users by sharing pictures automatically based on the person appear in the photo or any specific date.

Photo books is an exceptional functionality in Google Photos that will suggest photos to move in custom or printed Photo Books. In upcoming days, this feature will be included in your Google account.

Google lens will soon integrate with Google Photos in order to identify businesses, art and landmarks. With the power of Google lens, you will get enabled to learn more about what is in your saved photos.

Daydream, AR & VR

A few months back it was rumored that Google was working to launch a standalone VR headset. Now, the rumor turned into reality when Google has created its own Virtual Reality division and announced to launch its resultant software named Daydream. The software works on seeking to unify smartphones, Apps, controllers and VR technology. The devices having Android Nougat version are called Daydream-Ready. Earlier in this year, Google announced to launch a standalone VR device which will be independent and run without using computer or smartphones to accomplish gaming purpose. As per the news, AR and VR functionality will arrive in Lenovo and HTC devices. Along with it, the Daydream functionality is going to be added into Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ in the middle of this year.

YouTube – For Super Chat

In this conquering world, YouTube is the only platform which has attained breakthroughs filled with exciting updates and innovative functionalities. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki spoke about the great journey YouTube has covered. For instance, YouTube has initiated a super idea of producing cost-effective prosthesis for children. By this influential step, many children had changed their lives. Apart from this, various other welfare steps had been taken by YouTube. The big news from I/O 2017 developer’s conference is that now YouTube supports 360-degree content on TV. For creators, it is an achievement as they will be allowed to connect with the live stream through chat. Many other modifications can also be done to improve super chat for users.

Smart Reply In Email

smart reply in gmail
For all Gmail users, there is a good news that will assist you in different ways and will make your Gmail access more convenient. Users are now able to take advantage of machine learning system that reads emails and suggests replies based on that. Let us suppose, if a question is asked in email then the system will help you by providing a recommended response. This effective feature was first found in Google Inbox but now it has been expanding and soon will appear in iOS and Android Gmail Apps.

A Quick Recap

By going through the entire blog, you must get everything clear in your mind. In our blog, we have put together all the major highlights revealed by Google and we didn’t miss any aspect from I/O 2017 developer’s conference. So, if you have learned something from our blog, you will definitely gain a good sense where Google heads in the upcoming years.

Google I/O 2017: The Most Promising Announcements on Google Updates
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