All You Need To Know About Med Tech

Stress is one of the most unpleasant and prominent aspects of daily life for most people in today’s society.  If you need to deal with stubborn clients, stare at a computer screen for many hours, or need to constantly reply to frustrating emails, it is highly likely that you will suffer from some level of stress.  Fortunately, meditation is available to help reduce or even eliminate the stress from one’s daily existence.

Med Tech

Meditation is a practice whereby you will learn to rest the mind and achieve a state of consciousness resulting in total clarity and calmness. This practice tends to be conducted when sitting comfortably, closing your eyes and breathing deeply while listening to ambient music.  Periods of meditation can last for as little as ten minutes to two hours.  Ironically, the primary cause of the average entrepreneur’s stress is technology but technology will help a person with meditation. This article will discuss the top apps that assist with meditation – an alternative practice that has been used for centuries.

1) Calm

Calm is not just a Zen-like state that one must achieve to eliminate stress, but it is also a technological app that helps with meditation.  It can assist with sleep, relaxation and mindfulness.  Calm is free to download via the Apple App Store or Google Play and when logged in via Facebook or email you can begin a session called the “7 Days of Calm”.  Each session in the “7 Days of Calm” is ten minutes long – ideal for the busy entrepreneur to use when stuck in traffic or on a lunch break.  If this seems the perfect option for you, you can subscribe to Calm for $39.99 per year or $9.99 per month.

2) Muse

Muse is a headband used to measure brain signals as you meditate.  The calibrated sensors on the band – two behind the ears, two on the forehead, and three reference sensors – locate and measure the brain’s activity.  Muse connects to the app via a Bluetooth connection on mobile devices.  When it is connected, you will be guided through a tutorial on how to adjust the headband so that it monitors and reads your brain signals effectively.  Before each session you must complete a 60-second brainstorming task to adapt the app to your brain functioning for that day as your brain functions differently each day.

After de-stressing you using relaxing music, the app provides feedback on the meditation session by converting the brain signals into wind sounds. Calm sounds indicate a settled mind, whereas stronger ones indicate a more active brain. After use, the progress of the session is recorded and you will unlock new features. Team it up with an indoor water feature for the best effects.

As with all things, there are downsides to this item. Unfortunately, Muse is an expensive piece of technology and can cost at least $249 on Amazon. If this is not a concern, then the reviews are averaging at four stars.

3) Spire

Spire is a small stone-shaped app that tracks a person’s activity and mindfulness.  It fits on your waistband easily and is ideal for people who need something to take to work or are constantly on the go.  Spire is able to record your activity and breathing and transfer this information to a corresponding app.  By displaying breathing on the device screen, you can identify if you are feeling stressed or lacking focus.  When it notifies you of your current mind state, the app will also provide you with various activity options to achieve the most suitable level of mindfulness.

4) Headspace 

Headspace is an Android app described as being a “gym membership for the mind”.  It utilizes the concept of the ‘gym buddy’ system to transform meditation into a social experience.  Similar to Calm, there is a free course involved known as “Take Ten”.  If you enjoy Headspace, you can subscribe to the app for as little as $6.24 per month and access hours of content including unguided and guided meditation sessions.

5) Thync

Thync is a curved triangular module that can snap into two strips and then be attached to the forehead and neck.  It is connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth and, using safe electric vibes, it stimulates the same nerves that are stimulated when kissing, experiencing a massage, or when having cold water splashed on your face.  You can opt for different vibes or low-energy wave forms dependent on your need to relax or be energized. Thync is available for $199.

All You Need To Know About Med Tech
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