How Pinterest is Useful for SEO to Get Traffic?

Many bloggers spend more time and effort on both researching as well as writing many blogs posts and published them on their website. In this process, they fail to get many readers due to some reasons. Pin a blog on Pinterest is a smart way to drive more traffic to your business website and receive better ROI. Pinterest now appears as a beneficial social media platform for the bloggers and savvy marketers.


The profitable channel boasts millions of monthly users. Though, it still signifies something of the untapped chance for many people in this SEO industry. The awesome and most popular platform brings ample space for both storytelling and creativity. The pinterest for bloggers helps them in numerous ways to get more traffic.

Here is how Pinterest helps bloggers to acquire traffic:

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Create a perfect Blog Board

Creating a perfect board is essential for your business blogs. A board make it simple for your audience to locate your business blogs and follow your board. It is helpful to make a title of blog board like the title of your blog page.

For example, you need to create blogs regarding DIY projects and crafts for your Etsy store. Along with this, you can name your board the same like the blog name of website such as “My Etsy Blog” or “DIY and Crafts Blog”

When you name the board by using keywords, it makes the board more possible to show in the search engines as well. If you create any blog post, you can pin it on the board. It consists of:

• A quote, or brief summary, from an article
• An excellent picture which indicates your post
• A link straight to the blog article

Example: When you have many blog posts, you can break them into simple to search groups.


This social media channel is completely about visuals. You can try to give best images while you want users to read. The great visuals are an excellent way to attract viewers to click on your business blog. You can always consider this platform as a juicily enjoyable sleek magazine which is filled with tempting eye candy. For attracting the readers, you need to make the visual appeal of your blog look unique.

Develop Lifestyle based Boards

If you do have many boards on the Pinterest account of your business, you can create the boards which resonate with your market and your business. You can pin it whole of combined content such as lifestyle images, household tips, and products which are revolving around the theme of your board. You can post some related backs back to the blog as well.

• If you pin the blog articles properly, it includes:
• An excellent picture which emotionally connects with the board theme
• A brief quote or summary from the blog which relates to the board theme
• A link straight to the blog

You want to demonstrate how the blog fits within an emotional or personal context of the board theme. It will make the blog content more appealing to every Pinterest user. You can also cross-pin the blogs in your various boards.

Engage on the Pinterest

As social marketer, blog owners require engaging with their followers. It is reality when they want to turn their followers into their blog readers. The more bloggers engage with viewers on this platform, the more possible people want to join with them on their blog and sites.

There are several ways available to engage in this platform, so you can follow the best techniques to get the complete benefits.

• Pin relevant, good and original content
• Pin consistently and often so the pins gets viewed in the feeds of your followers
• Return all favours as well as follow the followers
• Ask questions which are answered clearly in the blog
• Check the boards of your followers and pins of unique content ideas they actually like


Etsy has ninety boards, and about 8,600 Pins. The contents of Etsy are constantly user-friendly, with recipe, DIY and craft tips.

Add the “Pin it” Button in blog

When the blogs are shared by the readers, the friends and followers of your readers are more possible to read the blogs as well. It plays a vital role in pinterest marketing.

If you want to get the benefits, you can ensure that you include the “Pin it” option on your every blog post. You can also make it simple for the readers for sharing them on the website they like most.


Pinterest is not only for images any longer. This platform has an excellent community of different readers. It is significant to know that Pinterest is just enhancing the personal magazine sort readerships. You can utilize these opportunities to increase your worldwide reach through this platform. You can utilize the above guidelines to drive quality traffic to the blog.

If you like to know the benefits of using Pinterest for driving traffic, you can read this article that let you understand how Pinterest is helpful for bloggers.

How Pinterest is Useful for SEO to Get Traffic?
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