Which One is Better- Oracle DBA or SQL DBA?

When it comes to choosing a career many students get confused between picking Oracle DBA and SQL DBA. Some believe that one is better than the other but then there is no necessary logic for justifying the best.

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In context of Oracle DBA users they generally work on Unix or LINUX operating systems but then this could have its own variations. Then again for SQL DBA users they basically work on the Windows operating systems although they could require a lot of Unix and Linux based operating system knowledge.

When it comes to the career choice both of them could be rewarding but then there is no fixed answer in the affirmative and negative as to what is better between Oracle DBA and SQL DBA certification. Read up to see what’s more relevant to you among oracle certification, SQL DBA Course, Oracle DBA.

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Dependency on single platform

The SQL Server is operable on the Microsoft Windows and this is a huge limitation when it comes to acting as a solution for enterprise. Oracle is available on multiple platforms including windows as well as Unix from Windows including digital sequent from IBM and HP.
Enrolling for Oracle certification Oracle DBA helps you understand a multiple platform based enterprise solution.

The concurrency context

As for SQL DBA SQL server it comes with no consistency in terms of being multiversion and this means that Data integrity will have to be ensured at the backend. This becomes possible sans any compromise onData integrity in case of Oracle platform because the latter dynamically recreates read-consistent images for any reader, for any requested data that has seen changes but not any commitment.

In case of SQL server, there will be an escalation of row locks to the page level locks when there are multiple rows that have been locked on a page. This means that uninvolved rows in updates get locked for no solid reason.

Uncommitted transactions that could stop database activity

In context of the SQL server, there arises a chance that some long run uncommitted transactions in halting transaction are queued up to end stopping activity on the database. Whereas, in case of such transactions, for Oracle, only the transaction itself will cease when it tends to run out of the rollback space. The latter happens because of use of varied segments in transactions.

Oracle allows transactions on a random note to any of the multiple rollback segment whereas SQL server allocates transactions in sequence to a single transaction log. As a conclusion, given that Oracle comes with no configuration to handle during installation of setup, the better that can be given to Oracle DBA.

Again for SQL server, it gets easier for installation on a Windows Server administration thanks to the similarities of Microsoft. For the SQL server at times, the server admin gets more excited and carries on with SQL install. In this case, it looks like Oracle is more Complex than the former. However, the non DBA server professional who installed SQL, will not take ownership when some problem arises and then the solution for this problem will not be search friendly.

Given that Oracle comes installed by infant Oracle DBA they configure and administer in the way it should be. Meanwhile, SQL server requires check up on defragmented VLX since the server admin will have put all data files, log files and tempt on C drive with the page file and operating system.

Which One is Better- Oracle DBA or SQL DBA?
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