WordPress is now here to Help Your Digital Signage Stay in Shape

Some pessimists say that there is nothing new digital marketing has to offer, digital marketing is just a passing phase. However, the new digital signage ventures and the contribution of WordPress to this process show that this concept is far from the truth. The new plug-ins, updates and security measures for this CMS is nothing short of revolutionary. Even if you are running low on cash, WP can come to your rescue during your upcoming digital display campaigns.

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Digital signage, in the wrong hands, tends to complicate things. Cluttered screens, wrong fonts, unbalanced hierarchy and displays without sync can break the fluidity of any presentation. These are usually results of complications in the backend. A bad CMS or content management system that does not allow editing of content or easy upload of new media can add to the mess. WordPress bypasses these complications with a robust infrastructure, easy to edit templates and lots of digital signage plug-ins.

A great digital signage plug-in should come with the following features –

• Great options or a dashboard for on-screen content management.
• A wide range of font options including font styles and font colors.
• Multiple layout options and compatibility with the latest digital signage themes and templates.
• They should facilitate automatic live updates for display.
• Digital signage theme options from WordPress.
• Easy media upload and editing options including videos from YouTube, images, logos, and videos from other devices.

Having the media completes more than 50% of the content composition task, but it does not complete it. You need to cultivate your own creative ideas and aesthetics to create the perfect content for your brand display. You must remember that any company can use a ready to use the template to build their brand story or marketing presentation. Therefore, you need to add something “extra” that is unique to your endeavor.

Here are a few ideas that will help you create an outstanding presentation cum display for your digital signage

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Use whitespace

Whitespace or negative space is not a discovery. The concept is quite easy to understand. When you go to any website, you see images, videos, texts, and links. The space the separates these components, makes the entire layout fall in place is the whitespace. Designers are becoming more aware of the concept of whitespace or negative space since more people appreciate neat and easy to follow designs. Almost all layouts that make smart use of whitespace are more legible.

The perfect composition

You can follow several rules like the Z-Layout, F-patterns, visual triangle, the golden ratio or the rule of thirds. Ultimately, it will be your call to approve one layout and not the other. The perfect composition is a relative term, and you need to make the call depending on what you think your customers will like best. Applying the rules of the visual hierarchy can draw focus to particular vital points and CTAs that your company needs to highlight. The composition is a crucial point for any display you must not disregard.

Contrast and color

Most templates from WordPress come with many color options. So is true for WP themes. You need to go with colors that reflect the industry you belong to and the occasion. For example – orange and grey is an excellent combination of most corporate presentations. However, if you are creating a special display for seasonal offers for a cafeTV menu board, you might as well choose orange, grey and black for the month of Halloween. It is quite similar to the increasing recurrence of red, white and green colors before Christmas. The moment people lay their eyes on these colors, they think of special occasions, gifts, and offers. Colors help people relate actions to events. You can efficiently use them as cues to help people buy more.

Give visual cues

Images work the best when it comes to guiding people. People need to know what products you are offering and exactly what to expect when they get their products in hand. Since the displays do not provide any other sensory cues, you need to ensure that your potential customers get as many clues as possible from your display content. If you are offering a special pumpkin spiced latte, include images of pumpkins, cinnamons, steaming coffee and do not forget to add a lot of smiles. Studies show that smiling images in advertisements have a positive impact on the sales.

Be partial to animation

An animation is likely to draw five times more attention than the same content in text or image. Besides, there is possibly no one here who dislikes animation. They can be cute like the kind we see from Disney, or they can be simple and sweet like we find in case of many corporate logos. That is right! You can opt for animating your logo, company name, and bland texts too. It will add a lot more fun to any mundane presentation, and it will help your potential customers stay awake the entire time. Well, you do not need a Pixar-esque budget or skillset for animating your display content. Especially when it is WordPress, you can easily approach any animation intern or graduate student to help you out with peanuts.

While creating digital displays was once quite an overwhelming task, right now it is becoming much easier with WordPress. In fact, if you have the basic infrastructure for your display content, you can easily include, exclude and edit content using your WordPress authentication. Gaining backend entry using the relevant authentication details and making real-time changes is very much a reality now by virtue of the seamless integration of the plug-ins from the WP repository.

Why just watch the marketing world change? Become a part of it with WordPress as your CMS for digital signage and displays.

WordPress is now here to Help Your Digital Signage Stay in Shape
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