5 Ways to Improve Your SaaS Company

Customer retention and conversions reign supreme in the SaaS market. A successful SaaS company manages to convert website visitors into customers on a regular basis, while maintaining customer retention with subscription renewals.

Retention and conversions can increase with several improvements to your SaaS company, ranging from user experience enhancements to providing social proofs and free trial offers.

Five ways to improve your SaaS company are:


1. Create Visible Social Proofs

Most consumers fully anticipate glowing copy referring to a software’s features. As a result, an extra push is needed to establish the software’s legitimacy and provide examples of the software’s success in action. Case studies are one method to establish legitimacy, though consumers can still be wary if the study is coming from the software maker itself.

Social proofs can bolster consumer confidence without bias when they’re coming from fellow users. As a result, testimonials hold ample power. Many companies show endorsements on their landing page, like BuzzSumo highlighting glowing experiences from a range of users, ranging from the Senior Director of Audience Development at Rolling Stone Magazine to the founder of Moz.com. With people at important and relevant jobs speaking praises about the product, users are likelier to convert.

Other useful forms of visible social proof include badges or awards from reputable sites or organizations, user-sponsored case studies and active user engagement on social media. Another way to add credibility is to get certifications such as those for QMS that give both customers and competitors reason to take your SaaS more seriously.

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2. Illustrate the Benefits

A well-written list of features won’t sway consumers on their own. They want to know how the software will benefit them personally, especially regarding numbers. How will this software increase their conversions or expand their social media reach? How will their efficiency be increased? Answer these questions on a “Features” page.

MailChimp exemplifies a benefit-driven features page, showing their dashboard for users while simultaneously providing examples of the average open rate and advanced analytics.

3. Offer a Free Trial

Although providing a free trial may cost your SaaS some profits at first, it’s likely to result in more sales down the line, ultimately resulting in profit. If the software is useful and of high quality, then consumers will be very tempted to purchase the software in full once the trial expires.

Provide the free trial for at least a month or two, especially since a lot of software requires time to show its true results. Plus, the longer a user grows accustomed to having a product for free, the bigger impact the trial expiration will have on them. A free trial is a low-risk, high-reward strategy for helping to improve a SaaS company’s user base.

4. Provide Comprehensive Support

Users have different preferences regarding their ideal customer support. Some prefer an informative documentation or FAQ that helps them self-troubleshoot, while others would rather speak to a representative of the company.

To better satisfy everyone, it’s recommended to establish systems of support across various platforms, involving FAQs, live customer support and even built-in support system within the software. For example, Wufoo has in-app videos that help explain navigation and functions. Helping make a software’s learning curve more manageable can result in an uptick in conversions.

5. Optimize Your Email Outreach

Every connection with users, both current and prospective, matters. An ideal SaaS tool will become a big part of each user’s life, which an optimal amount of outreach can help achieve. A SaaS business should email subscribers routinely with updates on the present and future, highlighting features they may not be aware of, while providing a peek at future features.

Many SaaS businesses opt to send email semi-daily shortly after users sign up, slowly phasing out over time. The first email provides a great opportunity to make a striking impression, especially when the business addresses the email personally and provides personal tips based on their specifications.

Your SaaS company can improve its overall reach and conversion rate with these five tips, many of them very manageable regardless of your business’ size.

5 Ways to Improve Your SaaS Company
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