Best TV Options for Gamers This Season

Serious gamers don’t settle for what’s just available. They spend considerable amounts for their games and commit time to their gaming. It shouldn’t be a surprise if they’re also meticulous with the TV they use for gaming. There are a few special requirements for TVs that are to be used in gaming. It can’t be some cheap LCD screen that is only intended for regular TV show viewing.
Samsung MU7000

Features to Evaluate in Gaming TVs

Before going into the list of best gaming TV options, it’s important to set the parameters as to what makes a great gaming TV. I have picked the TVs listed below based on the following factors.

Picture Quality- Certainly, picture quality is a major point of consideration here. A good gaming TV has to produce sharp and vibrant images to fully enjoy game visuals. Viewing angles should be excellent. Contrast should be superb.

Size- Screen size is not that much of a concern. It’s mostly boils down to preferences. Nevertheless, it would be great to have something that is 40” or larger. A screen of this size shouldn’t be too small or too big for most living rooms. You can check which 40” TV is best for you by taking into account other features as discussed below.

Resolution- A resolution of 1080p would be good enough but if you want future-proofing, it would be better to choose a 4K TV. Most gaming consoles already support 4K resolutions albeit through upscaling.

Refresh Rate- Gaming TVs are supposed to have high refresh rates to be able to smoothly handle fast movements, especially when playing action-packed games. It’s advisable to choose units with a refresh rate of at least 120Hz especially for 4K TVs.

HDR and Brightness- Great gaming TVs come with HDR and really bright panels. HDR is an acronym for High Dynamic Range, which means the TV is able to generate pictures with a much wider light range. This in turn results in the production of pictures that closely resemble the actual images the human eyes can see.

Responsiveness- Most importantly, gaming TVs should have very minimal input lag. They should be able to quickly render pictures based on the signals coming from the input devices, the game joystick or controls in particular.

Sound- It’s also worth examining the audio output of the TV you are getting. Preferably, the speakers of the TV should be facing forward and there is a dedicated bass speaker. Having a built-in soundbar would be a big plus.

Overall Performance- The TVs featured below have been evaluated based on their overall performance, which means other factors such as affordability or cost-efficiency have also been considered.

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Top Gaming TV Options

The following are five of the best options to consider if you are looking for a gaming TV:

5. Samsung MU7000

Samsung MU7000
The Samsung MU7000 may not be the most stylish TV from Samsung but its brightness, colorful HDR picture, and notably low 12ms input lag make an excellent combination for an enjoyable gaming. It is a great option for those who want something more affordable. The HDR feature does not come with local dimming but you still get a decent picture quality that shouldn’t become bothersome as you enjoy your games. Moreover, despite its slender and lightweight body, this TV delivers a surprisingly powerful audio performance without noticeable harshness or distortion.
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4. Panasonic TX-EX750

Panasonic TX-EX750
The Panasonic TX-EX750 is one of the more affordable 4K TVs on the market. It is an LCD TV with a digitally enhanced backlight. This backlight enhancement works by adjusting the angle of each pixel to minimize the typical clouding problems affecting LCD panels. This results in uniformity during dark gaming scenes. When it comes to responsiveness, this TV stands out with its 10ms input lag (in Gaming mode). This is the main reason why the TX-EX750 is included on this list.
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3. Sony XBR-X930E

Sony XBR-X930E
The XBR-X930E TV from Sony is arguably one of the best if not the best 4K TV on the market as far as picture quality is concerned. Its gorgeous minimalist design complements its stunning picture quality, which can output up to 1400 nits of brightness and display superbly vibrant images. It’s not an OLED panel but it’s capable of delivering deep blacks noticeably better than most other LCD TVs. All of these are on account of Sony’s Triluminos technology. Sound quality for the XBR-X930E, on the other hand, is a big improvement from the KD-XD93. It packs powerful speakers capable of delivering a sense of depth without sounding brittle. The input lag on this TV is in the lower 30ms.
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2. LG OLED E7 Series

The TVs in this series are gorgeously impressive. They are notable for their stunning picture quality and their built-in soundbars. The LG OLED E7 Series deliver HDR-compatible brightness as well as rich deep blacks. The OLED panel delivers standout visuals especially with dark game settings, which demonstrates the clear advantage of OLED technology. When it comes to the sounds, the built-it soundbars make it unnecessary to use add-on speakers or a home theater system. If you turn the volume high up, you can enjoy bass-rich audio while playing your games. In terms of responsiveness, the LG OLED E7 series is no slacker. Input lag is only slightly above 20ms.
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1. Samsung Q9F QLED TV

samsung q9f qledtv
One of the brightest OLED TVs around, the Samsung Q9F QLED TV is without a doubt an excellent 4K TV with HDR. It is highly suitable for gaming not only because of its picture quality and ability to smoothly handle fast movements but also because it is one of the most responsive TVs at present. It has an input lag of only around 12ms (with Game mode activated), something that easily blows out the competition. It’s an excellent total gaming package that also does not abandon the sound factor. Enjoy gaming with this OLED TV without setting up additional speakers or a home theater system. The Q9F QLED TV from Samsung does not have conspicuous speakers but you will be surprised by the quality of sound it generates.
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With the numerous discounts and promos introduced by stores for the holiday season, you should be able to get good deals to buy one of these top gaming TV options. Don’t hesitate to invest in an excellent gaming TV to make the most of your gaming experience.

Best TV Options for Gamers This Season
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