How to Recover iPhone Data – Few Simple Tips

How often do you go through forums or tech sites?

Quite Often!

Have you ever come across a query asking any of the following questions?

• How do I restore iPhone data after factory reset?
• What should I do to recover iPhone data lost due to factory reset?
• How can I recover lost data from reset iPhone?
• Is it possible to restore the data from factory reset iPhone?


How Frequently?

Very Often!

But, have you ever got a viable answer to fix?

No! Are you still struggling for a viable option?

Don’t worry; your search ends here! This post is the answer to this specific concern only. It guides you about different ways to recover iPhone Data after Factory Reset.

Irrespective of the fact whether you want to restore the Contacts, Messages, or Media file, the below-stated approaches are your true companion.

Examples of iPhone Data Loss after Restoring to Factory Settings

Hi, my iPhone has iOS 11. Initially, it worked smooth. But, after updating few apps, it stopped responding. To resolve the issue, I factory reset the device. As a consequence, I ended up losing all the data. Is there any way to restore? — Andrew Hartwick

Hi, please help to get my iPhone data back, lost due to factory reset. Yesterday, when I attempted to upgrade iPhone to iOS 11, it instead of giving upgradation, it created a troublesome situation for me by turning to Recovery mode. To resolve it, I factory restored the settings. Due to this, all data has lost. — Ralph Watson


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These two cases are among the most common. Apart from all these, several other incidences in which you end up losing data after Restoring to Factory Settings.

How to Recover iPhone Data after Restoring to Factory Settings

Method 1: Restore from iCloud Backup

Step 1: Turn On the device and choose Slide to Setup from the Setup screen

Step 2: Select the desired Language
select langauge

Step 3: Specify your Country or Region

Step 4: Choose a Wi-Fi network. (Avoid cellular network)

select your country or region

Step 5: Next Enable or Disable “Location Services” as per your ease (By Default it is ON)

Step 6: Select “Restore from iCloud Backup”

Step 7: Key in your iCloud using login credentials.

location services

Step 8: Agree “Terms and Conditions.”

terms and conditions

Step 8 (a): From the list of backup files, choose the Latest Available Backup

choose backup

Step 9: Let Restore Process complete

Method 2: Restore from an iTunes Backup

Step 1: Establish connection between your Computer and iPhone

Step 2: Launch iTunes

Step 3: Under File menu, navigate to Devices

Step 4: Select Restore from Backup option

Step 5:
Select the Latest Backup and hit Restore

Method 3: Restore using Third-Party Retrieval Software

Typically speaking, the first two approaches are effective in restoring the lost data quite efficiently.Several scenarios are where they also fail. Few most common are:

• Backup is not recent
• Backup is corrupted
• You don’t have backup at all

In such conditions, asoftware-directed approach like Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone works like a charm. With hands on this software, you can easily recover lost, deleted, or inaccessible Safari Bookmarks, Reminders, Contacts, Call history, Calendar, Messages, Voice Memo, and Notes.

The iPhone Recovery software works in complete harmony with both Mac & Windows Operating System and iOS devices, iTunes backup & iCloud backup. The unique trait is it restores data without causing any data loss to your current iPhone settings and content.
How does the software work?

1. Establish connection between iPhone and System
2. Launch Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone(
3. Choose “Recover from iPhone” on the main screen

method 3

4. Let software analyse your iPhone

method 3

5. Let software scan your iPhone for the lost data


6. Preview the found files


7. Select the data from the list and click Save



How to Avoid iPhone Data Loss?

• Make an iTunes backup and iCloud backup of your important files before restoring or updating your iPhone
• Make sure to update your backup on regular basis

Isn’t this easy? So, bid goodbye to your apprehension to recover lost data. Here is your ideal iPhone recovery guide!

How to Recover iPhone Data – Few Simple Tips
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