How Mobile App System Can Empower Your Business

Mobile craze is now reality and businesses can reap its benefits by creating value-adding mobile applications specific to their business needs. Mobile apps empower businesses to sustain in the fiercely competitive market as well as grow further by facing upcoming challenges.

Mobile App System

Today most of the companies have an online identity as a mobile friendly website. However, user experiences with native mobile applications are an altogether different thing from a website. Therefore, according to a survey, current handheld users devote more than 80% mobile time to mobile apps.
If your business has a mobile application, developed to meet industry specific needs, you can win certain advantages of mobility and acquire more empowerments from it.

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Mobile Apps Increase Your Reach

Mobile screens have little real estate and thin storage, so mobile users always tend to keep only useful and frequently used mobile apps in their systems as well as on home screens. If you are lucky enough to grab space in those places, believe that your business is significant for users, and constant presence on home screen remind app users your graceful existence.

With your mobile app, users or shoppers can reach you with a single tap while for the mobile friendly website; your users have to open a browser and find your bookmark or type URL of the sites. Therefore, instant accessibility through a mobile application, make much difference for a business where shoppers or users are impatient and moving fast.

Mobile Apps Increase Your Interactions

Mobile Apps Increase Your Reach

Mobile or smartphone is primarily a communication device with instant call facilities and notification advantages. If we integrate social media access in your app, you can improve customer communication multiple folds.

When you implement rating, review, and commenting systems in your app, it may prove great to collect consumer or user feedback efficient as well as user-friendly ways. Displaying those feedbacks positively on a social network may trigger prolonged discussions amongst the participants and can make your business viral.

If anything seems damaging your reputation or brand, you can take prompt actions and convince your users within fractions of time while it seems daunting for a website where direct communication is a nightmare.

Mobile Apps Increase Your LBS and Marketing

Today most of the handhelds have location enabled features to detect and collect location information in real-time. It ultimately increases chances to offer Location-Based Services (LBS) with greater accuracy and promptness. If you have integrated Map API with your mobile application, it can help you to track app user locations in real-time within admin panels or on web application interface integrated with your mobile backend.

The majority of mobiles are capable of delivering primary user info such as name, gender, location, and social media presence with smart and trusted techniques of sharing. You can leverage such capacities in your marketing and can deliver location-based advertisers and marketing incentive.
For instance, with the integration of Foursquare-like services within your app, in legitimate ways, you can grab additional benefits of ongoing potential traffic in your vicinity through location-based social services.

Mobile Apps Let You Know Your Customers Well

Technically, mobile applications can access customer data from client devices with minimal permissions for innocent usage as mentioned earlier.
Moreover, you can accumulate data regarding buying history, social profiles, and personal info at some extent using through your mobile app.
Thus, you can know some standard data and personal data regarding your customers quickly without indulging them into daunting forms filling process, as found on the web.

Mobile Apps Increase Revenue

Since people are willingly spending comparatively more hours on mobile devices, mobile ads are on the top of ad revenue generation. In-app purchase services are with 24X7/365 availability, so it is increasing your total income at the end.

Money transactions are more secure due to advanced security measure in the mobile landscape, so ecommerce apps are now rocking and major brands have adopted Mobile Payment Gateway integration services with great zeal.

Mobile Apps Enable Working Online & Offline

Compared to the Internet websites, mobile connectivity has multiple channels such as mobile services, mobile Internet, 3G/4G, LTE, Wi-Fi, and so on. Moreover, mobile apps can function in offline modes easily as data storage is mainly on local on the client devices and capable of updating when connectivity reestablished.

Mobile Apps Enable Business Automation

Today most of the categories of businesses have moving workforce or remote location service centres. These all demand a greater degree of mobility services and mobile apps developed with such intentions can accomplish it beautifully.

Your mobile app can establish a live connection in between outside employees or sales staff with in-house team or management. Data exchanges, messenger services, reporting, feedback, consultancy, CRM, ERP integration, and myriads of other business processes related services are possible with your mobile applications at big scale.

Therefore, enterprises gonna introduce BYOD concept and offer different mobile applications for various level of workforce and purposes. In short, mobile apps are capable of improving productivity and performance of businesses or enterprises with new dimensions.

Mobile Apps Open New Horizons

Mobile apps offer industry-specific features and functionality that ultimately helps to beat the competition. For instance, with increased capacity for sensor integration, health and fitness industry related mobile applications bring new opportunities and services that can give an edge in the industry.

Similarly, with increased tendency towards wearable apps, use of mobile apps to support wearable functions can give new directions to the industry. Moreover, location-based mobile apps add additional values in the business by providing new functionality such as geo-fencing, telematics, and micro-location technologies Bluetooth are solid examples.

Retailers and event organizers are looking Beacon based mobile apps to boost the business. Home appliance industries try to leverage IoT (Internet of Things) applications using mobile apps.

Could you imagine such advancements with only the web? No, it is only mobile app revolution, which capable of bringing such innovations in human life as well as in the businesses.


Once it was the web and now mobile applications, without it, we cannot imagine our modern life and lifestyle. Mobile apps are becoming essentially for almost all categories of businesses, as apps can add real values in the business and its growth through various ways.

However, grabbing advantages of mobility by developing mobile applications for your purposes is not smooth sailing without seasoned Mobile App Development Company or a Team equipped with such resources. Fortunately, Perception System enjoys that status in the outsourcing industry and capable of delivering any scale of mobile applications at premium rates in the industry.

How Mobile App System Can Empower Your Business
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