Urban Ladder – Choose the Best for Your Home

I have ordered two products from Urban ladder. The main reason why I am ordering in urban ladder was because of trust. I ordered vanalen 6 to 8 expandable chairs .It comes with the elegant grey with dark walnut finish. The next product i ordered was the play tic-tac-toe with the boeberg bookself. The price was also affordable and it attracted me to plan furniture.

urban ladder

I am planning to buy the next one. The urban ladder offers the following features that promotes you to buy more products from urban ladder. The unique features of urban ladder was listed below.

1. Free installation

The Urban ladder offers free installation to their customers. Many other competitors are charging money for this too. If you choose the urban ladder you can save the installation cost. Plus they will make a demo on those products. The labours are so friendly and they explain everything about the furniture from top to the bottom. So at least you have to try any one teak wood chair to know about the quality.

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2. On spot returns

In case after the installation gets completed, you may feel worry because you have made the wrong selection. Don’t worry if you also face this situation. There was an option called On spot returns that helps you to choose another product or piece of your ow choice. Human intention is not to satisfy at first itself, On spot returns will definitely help those who are struggling to select the products. Another main thing was the staffs won’t torture you regarding why you didn’t like that product. Its your wish to share.

3. Free shipping

Urban ladder offers free shipping to its customers. If area is within the domestic country they won’t charge otherwise they charge a few amount for international shipping. That’s too free for some of the countries. So you can also save a lot in shipping. This would be an huge advantage. All credits goes to Urban ladder.

4. Cash /card delivery

Urban ladder offers card and cash delivery. This will once again enhance our trust, that they are genuine persons. Most of the fraud companies are there and they insist you to make payment through card, and after paying they won’t deliver the products or they will send wrong products. But because of cash on delivery ,trust on urban ladder only increases and not decreases.

5. Exchange furniture

If you are having old furniture, you can give the old one to urban ladder and you can buy a new one. so that total amount might gets reduce at least 20% because of exchange. Otherwise you need have more space to keep the old one. After some days we will through it in garage, so it might gets wasted due to termites.

Besides these there are number of products which are offered by urban ladder. The following will give you an idea of they offer sofas, bed, dining, study, TV units, seatings, coffee tables ,storage shoe-racks, mattresses, boolselves, decor, furniture exchange, Gift cards, sale.

These are only the different categories of products they offer.The each product will have different features, different designs and different colours.

They also provide complete products with some discounts incase if are opening a shop or buying new house. If you are buying new house, at the time itself buy new furnitures that you will need. So that you can get discounts. Because of the furniture exchange you can give your old furnitures at a reasonable price.

Urban Ladder – Choose the Best for Your Home
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