What You Need to Know About USB C Cable Connectivity

With the advent of technology, various changes have taken place. Technology has given us the comfort to perform the multiple functions which can be easily used for work and entertainment. We cannot imagine our life without a mobile phone or our laptops.

Most of our time is spent on working and playing around on these devices. Then the USB cable came into the picture. They helped in connecting lot more devices to one electronic device, so that we can benefit from various features of the device. This way technology kept on changing and kept on refining the way we function. All in all, it gave us the convenience to perform the daily function in life.

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There came USB type c cables. This cable functioned well when type c to type c were connected containing 24 pin plugin system. They were larger in size, going to 8.4 millimeters and were an upgrade to previous cables.

Talking about these cables, let us inspect a bit and figure out the connectors of these type c to type c cables:

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Receptacles and plugs

So you have two types of connectors mounted on the cable and the device. The one side that is connected to the device is called the receptacle, and the other end that is used for the cable is known as a plug. In a layman’s language, one end of the cable is known as the female side, and the other end is known as the male side.

Usage and the design of the cable

The cable is designed in such a way that you can never insert the cable in the wrong direction. It is said that the top side of the cable shall be inserted in the device and one cannot go wrong with this. The reason behind this is the head of the cable.


It was seen that the connector end that is used in the device is more durable as compared to another side. The end which is connected to the device is known as the standard end. Hence, the standard end is to be inserted in various devices, they call for more strength. That is because there is more wear and tear when the device end is concerned regarding the cable.

Mini connectors

The mini connectors are available these days for devices that are not too large. They are used for smartphones, and digital cameras and these devices cannot be plugged into an on the go cable because it is not available. The need to introduce these cables was seen in the year 2000.

Wrapping Up

All in all, these are one of the most useful USB cables and can be used to connect various devices and take care of numerous benefits. The technology industry has moved so forward that they are coming up with different features that are ruling the technological sector. One such thing was the introduction of such cables which gave us n number of benefits.

What You Need to Know About USB C Cable Connectivity
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