9 SEO Tips to Manage Magento Site

In today’s marketplace, those businesses that are having online market have to play a double role in dividing up their attention. On one hand, they have to reach out to different customers on a daily basis. As customers are going online these days, the business owners have to target different platform where they can capture their customers. On the other hand, they have to make their existence in the market among other competitors who are coming with a common platform of online business.


If anyone is starting up an online business, then he must have one thing in his mind to collect his target customers from a pool where they can find you easily. This can be done through search engine optimization. It is the most important tool that every webmaster should look in while creating a website. While if a webmaster is working with Magento site, he has to help out with different features that can make a website stand out of others.

Let’s know those few features which are really important:

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1. Web configuration:

It is very important that the website should be configured very properly so that it can function in the long run. Most of the developers focus on it primarily to keep things under control. Within the Magento site, web configuration through SEO is very important. There are options to change the URL or make some necessary changes to the URL. This will enable to keep unnecessary keywords out of the URL.

2. Metadata:

Within the Content Management System, there is a metadata section in which you have to ensure that all the keywords and description are filled for that page. You must make sure that at least 5 relevant keywords and a detail description about that page and about your business are included in that list properly. The rule of SEO is content is king, so search engines will help in expanding this data and ensures that relevant users should get it. One should use this website as an employee that works for 24 hours and 7 days and generate customers and business for the organization as well.

3. Robot.txt:

It is important to ensure that the robots.txt file should allow crawling the site. These are the obvious things which can be simply missed out if not cautioned. If a search engine is not able to crawl the site, your work is not going to make a little difference in the world.

4. Product pages:

It is important to know what products is the lifeline of every online portal. They are the core part of a business and they should be given equal importance. The first rule is that the content should be better and detailed, but it should only talk about business and importance of products and services. Through this way, people will be able to find your store. Updating our URL key will also help you in making search engine optimization friendlier for your products.

5. Images:

Images are considered as the overlooked element under SEO. There could be plenty of images of products over online store and this can be more effective on such website rather than other kinds of websites. It is important that the file name of images should be meaningful and the images should have a small description. Tagging the image and serving some small information about the same is also one thing that can give a better presentation on your website.

6. Duplicity:

While creating a website, it is important to understand the importance of duplicity. Thus, you should take care of such things that the contents and images should not be the duplicate. This includes CMS and product pages both. Provide different contents for different products which will give benefit to your customers as they can get valuable information about the same.

7. Fast theme files:

The execution of theme files should be fast. This will offer some double effect on the website. It is very well known fact that customers support those websites which load faster so you have to prepare a website under that context only. Through this way only, Google was able to get popular in its early days.

8. PHP optimization:

There are people who don’t give much important as it is not related to themes, but it is important to know that PHP codes execute quickly. One can also do speed tests which will give additional speed to boost up the website. This is a true fact that the websites that execute faster tend to have fewer bugs and error as they are given time properly along with attention in designing and implementing.

9. Template File:

While creating template files, it is important not to use CSS or JavaScript in coding. You can use external files to include them. It helps in keeping your code clean and spiders can crawl easily too.

Wrapping Up

Apart from these things, there are much more one can do to boost up the speed of a website. These methods are traditional methods or maybe through Magento as well. There are articles available that can help a person providing information about creating the website using Magento and its pros and cons.

He has to keep this thing in mind that search engine optimization is changing every day and it’s important to change things everyday as well. However, it is important to have SEO training first before creating the website so that those who are unaware of the practices can get a solid understanding about the same and then they can start working on things.

9 SEO Tips to Manage Magento Site
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