How to Build a PBN that Won’t Get Penalized by Google

A PBN, or Private Blog Network, is a group of websites under your control, which link back to your primary money website. The websites in the network comprise of expired domains that have a great foundation of backlinks. Backlinks is one of the key factors search engines use, to determine the rank of your money website in search results. However, the use of PBNs is against the guidelines of Google.


As a result, Google penalize websites that make use of a PBN, and de-index the blogs within the network.

Here are some points to consider, to save your PBN,and subsequently your money site, from any action from Google.

Investigate Domains–

Before making your own PBN, it is imperative you thoroughly investigate the domains that would make up your network. Failure to do so could mean your network will come to an end, even before starting out. One of the most important things to confirm is whether a domain has been a part of a PBN in the past. Using such a domain is a sure-fire way to get yourself in trouble with Google. This is why it is best to vet the domains properly, before integrating them in your network.

Top Quality Content–

One of the key indicators for Google, in identifying a possible member of a PBN, is the quality of the content on the website. Most people, in an effort to lower costs, get low-end content for their PBN. Since Google prides itself on providing the best possible results to its users, websites with poorly written content are immediately red-flagged and are open to action from Google. Therefore, it is wise to invest in the content of your PBN, so to avoid such problems.

Avoid Hosting with the Same IP Address –

You need to use your web-hosting services wisely, to ensure you do not bring any undue attention to your PBN. Most hosting services offer a limited number of IP addresses. Care should be taken that multiple-domain hosting is done using those offering different IP addresses. A safe approach is to host one or two domains with a single web host.This way, you are able to utilize your available webhosting resources efficiently.

Avoid Extensive Use of PBN–

For your PBN to be successful, you need to come up with a smart strategy that does not expose it. A common mistake is over-reliance on PBNs for link building. This usually makes it easy for Google to detect the use of PBNs, and perform subsequent de-indexing of the PBN sites or a penalty to your money site. The smart way to avoid this is to gradually introduce your money site into the PBN. Populate the content within the PBN and let it age. Once the websites within your PBN start creating the impression of actual independent websites, gradually introduce links to your money website.

Do Not Make Panic Changes to Your PBN –

If at any stage you realize it is becoming obvious that the websites within your PBN are not actual websites, avoid extensive changes. This is because your large-scale overhaul may end up validating the doubts Google may have, regarding your PBN. The wise approach would be to gradually address the issues with subtle changes. For instance, a lack of diversity of domains within the PBN can be rectified by changing one domain every 8-10 days. This way, you resolve the issue without arousing much suspicion about your PBN.

How to Build a PBN that Won’t Get Penalized by Google
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