Common Myths About SEO – Know What is Fact and What is Not

With the online environment undergoing rapid change, it is not unusual that there are often gaps in the knowledge of the technology. As a result, it becomes very easy for out-of-date information or misconceptions to be passed around affecting the quality of SEO implementation. Some common myths dispelled:

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common seo myths

SEO Generates Traffic For Free

The concept that SEO is free is something that is really far from the truth. To implement an SEO strategy that encompasses the entire gamut of traffic generation and brand awareness, businesses need to invest significant time, effort, expertise, as well as funds. On top of that, investments in SEO need to be sustained over a long time for it to yield the required ROI.

SEO Will Deliver All the Marketing Lead Required

Many people are inclined to believe that when the entire budget is devoted to SEO, it will be possible to generate all the leads required to make their marketing profitable. However, it needs to be clearly understood that SEO is merely only one aspect of the entire marketing and sales campaign, you still need to invest in other channels to get the desired conversions and revenue.

Website Optimization Is All That Is Required for Ranking

There is a common belief that to achieve a good rank, all you need is a website that has been optimized well. The application of SEO principles will ensure that the site will adhere to established best practices such as fast loading speed, a good structure, intuitive navigation, value-added relevant content, mobile friendliness, etc. However, as experts suggest, for a really good page ranking that will see a significant increase in the traffic that outpaces the competition, you will need to indulge in numerous off-page initiative like guest blogging, link-building, social media integration, etc.

You Get an Advantage for an Exact Domain Match

Many people mistakenly believe that if the domain contains a term that is an exact match with a term used in the search, it will give the website a very good boost in the page rankings. However, the actual reality is that virtually any website can achieve an exact match at random for a keyword. This prompted Google to release the “EMD update” that prevents good ranks by poor quality sites with an exact match of the keyword.

Keyword Stuffing Works

Keywords are extremely important for discovery and ranking of the website by search engines, however, that does not automatically mean that more the keywords are repeated, the better the rank. There have been plenty of instances where the quality of the content has been sacrificed due to keyword stuffing even to the extent that the content does not read naturally anymore. With the decline in the user experience, such pages are automatically downgraded by Google.


SEO implementation is a game that must be played continuously as the environment and competitor activity keep the environment very dynamic. Mere high traffic may not translate to higher conversions. You need very good quality content that users find valuable as well as a UX of the highest order.

Common Myths About SEO – Know What is Fact and What is Not
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