Comparison between Free and Premium WordPress Themes

These days, there are millions of WordPress themes that are rolling online. It simply means that creation of website is just a matter of hours and not even days. Any novice person who possesses no technical expertise can also design the site using these beautiful WordPress themes. The best part of using premium WordPress themes is that people can create a website seamlessly without the need of knowing any coding or hiring a developer.

comparison btw free and premium themes

Why Choose WordPress

What do you think why WordPress is gaining immense popularity nowadays? One of the major reasons behind the fame of WordPress is the huge collection of WordPress themes available online. With the help of these exceptional themes and some drag and drop features, you can simply personalize your site in whatever way you wish. When selecting a WordPress theme for your domain, you basically have two options: either choose free themes or go for premium WordPress themes. But, investing in these themes really worth it? We will discuss both pros and cons of free and Premium WordPress themes in detail in this article.

Pros of Free WordPress Themes

Knowing the fact that WordPress is licensed under GPL License that makes it free to use by anyone, so you can get easy access to hundreds of free WordPress themes in the themes directory. Apart from this, there are several other trustworthy resources that provide top-quality WordPress products. Let’s check out some of the beneficial reasons for purchasing free WordPress themes:

Free Means Free:

As the name says, free WordPress themes come for free. The users get an ultimate opportunity to design their website for free without any hassle. However, there are some people who think that if something come for free, it might lack good qualities. But with free WordPress themes, this is not the case. Free themes also come packed with some good features that make it worth using.


Free WordPress themes tend to be basic. This simply states that while personalizing a free theme, you won’t be handling a steep learning curve. You will just get to know the basic skills of working with a WordPress website template. Free WordPress themes are comparatively simple and easy to use provided that the theme comes with requisite documentation for set up that makes the process hassle-free. Apart from this, if you have fussy tastes and wish to switch things up, you can simply toggle between varied themes depending on your requirements.

Practice Makes Perfect:

Free WordPress themes are an ultimate option for designing portfolios, basic sites or temporary projects without even investing money. If you are a solopreneur or just a beginner, then you might have shortage or no capital. Don’t let the funds keep you away from creating your own website. A free WordPress themes works best for the budget conscious people.

Cons of Free WordPress Themes

Confined Styling Options:

Another drawback of free WordPress themes is that they have limited styling features. By limited, we mean to say that the developer may only give you the option of changing one or two accent colors on your website. Also, you may get only two widget areas on your home page instead of five. For some people, it may work but for some, the limitation might hamper the web design or visitor experience.

Average Design:

There are several free WordPress themes that do not appear appealing. Aesthetics are subjective but there are many WordPress novices who do not possess a good designing sense and may not have knowledge as to what to look for in a good web design. They may opt for those free themes that feature their favorite shades instead of a theme that offers a good user experience. If you possess knowledge of some CSS or HTML skills, then you can easily overcome the moderate design. However, you are limited with what the theme designer provides you without the basic coding knowledge.

No Technical Support:

When it comes to free themes, you will hardly get any technical support from developers. You might not even get access to the forum or the capability of submitting a support ticket because you chose free version. Just remember the fact that free themes are the swinging carrot designed to attract you for becoming a paid customer.

Pros of Premium WordPress Themes

Best responsive Premium WordPress themes are gaining immense popularity with every passing day. Below we are discussing some major benefits of using premium WordPress themes.

Responsive Design:

Premium WordPress themes are designed in a way that they are fully responsive in nature. This simply means that your website can adjust easily to an array of digital devices and varied screen sizes. So, no matter what device the user is using, he/she will get an ultimate user experience.

No Requirement Of Developer:

When choosing premium WordPress themes for designing a website, you do not require any professional web developer to complete the process. The theme comes fully packed with all the vital features and documentation that you may need at the time of completing the customization process without any hassle.

SEO Optimization:

SEO is one major factor that adversely affects the site ranking in the search engine results. If you wish to stay on top of the Google search results, then SEO-friendly premium WordPress themes are the best option for you.

Outstanding Support:

One of the vital benefits of using premium WordPress themes is the availability of awesome customer support and good documented files. Thus, whenever you face any technical discrepancies, a technical support team will be available to help you get rid of those worries.

Cons of Premium WordPress Themes

Unnecessary Functionalities:

If you think more features are better, then think again. Just keep in mind that premium themes with excessive features may make the functioning of the site slower and cluttered. Just remember that in the web design industry, more features may hamper your site. It’s advisable to check out the live demo and specification of the theme with utmost care in order to make appropriate choice for your future website.

Tough To Configure:

Though all the premium themes comes with support and documentation, but at times the configuration of premium themes become difficult. As it is loaded with an array of options, it takes more time to configure them. In some exceptional cases, the theme vendor provides the “settings” file that can be uploaded directly for getting required settings in no time.

Final Thought

To sum up, free as well as premium WordPress themes have their own merits and demerits. Free WordPress themes are very simple and not exclusive but it is a good option if you are planning to start a family or personal blog without investing a huge sum. On the other hand, premium WordPress themes are exceptional, well-tested, optimized and feature rich. This is the perfect option for small and medium businesses that aim to create a unique online presence. So, it totally depends on your requirements whether you need free or premium themes.

Comparison between Free and Premium WordPress Themes
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