Email Hacks for the Modern Marketer

From time immemorial, Email marketing is one of the most effective online strategies for driving revenues. If you are thinking to build your business with a digital strategy, email needs to be at the center of it. The other essential things like content creation, paid ads, social media marketing, lead generation, etc. become rather pointless if you don’t acquire a strategy to capture email addresses, and sell something through their inbox.

But even if you acquire a large amount of subscribers onto your list – how can you deliver an remarkable understanding that will make them want to open, click and eventually buy?

So here’s a list of hacks and tricks that you can use to boost your email marketing:-

email hack for the modern marketing

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1. Free Giveaways

Free giveaways are the latest trend right now in the digital media. You’ll get maximum click-throughs only when give something away for free. This essentially doesn’t have to be a product, if you provide some useful Information, in the form of a checklist, video, infographic or some other form of content – your click throughs will skyrocket.

But how will all this help you?

Well you may not gain immediate ROI from giving away free information, but it certainly increases your trust and credibility with your prospects.
There’s a reason why content marketing and sales strategy a match made in heaven.

2. ‘Resend’ is the word

There are cases where someone might just not open your email at all. Instead of thinking what to do next, simply resend it to the people who didn’t see it.Out of all the tips listed here, this one will definitely prompt the biggest response. Resend your email to those that didn’t open it.
Just because someone doesn’t open your email it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are not interested in your offer — after all, they haven’t seen it due to some reason.
resend in the world

3. Use Short Subject Lines

Make sure not to use detailed subject lines. Well, the main point of a subject line is to make the recipient to open the message. If you give away too much detailed information, their inquisitiveness is gone. It doesn’t have to convey much, just a little about what you’ve put in the email.
use short subjects line

4. Use Forwards and Replies in subject lines

Always use forwards and replies in subject lines because when people notice “FWD:” or “RE:” in the subject line, it’s pretty obvious that they’re curious to know what deeper information they’re about unveil. If they open your email and see that you bluffed, they’ll definitely get mad for sure. But if they see that you’re actually providing some useful information and following up in a real way, you might just close a deal with them.
In reality, most business email marketing tactics are futile.

It really doesn’t seize the recipient’s attention if you’re not sending a proper email, because of which the emails get deleted without being opened. So use some incredible email mar2.2keting hacks to create emails that capture your customers’ attention, not only receive a high open-rate but also produce high conversions for your business.

replies in subject lines

5. Make sure to personalize your emails

Your recipients are more likely to open a personalized well-written email that is addressed to their first name. For example begin with a Hello/Hi along-with the first name. This will definitely lead to positive results.
personalize your emails

6. Send test emails to multiple devices

Prior to sending an email directly, make sure that you test it on several devices. HubSpot has recently reported that 80.8 percent of users actually read email on mobile devices. We are living in a smartphone world so make sure that your messages are flawless on mobile devices.
test emails

7. The Subject Line is Everything

A perfectly written subject line gets your email open, but your message must satisfy the curiosity that had actually triggered its opening.
Salesforce released a report where it was published that subject lines less than 10 characters have an open rate of 58 percent, which is significantly higher than the industry standards.

Suppose, if your subject line mentions email-marketing hacks, make sure your message delivers email-marketing hacks only rather than something completely unrelated. Many companies will create a smart subject to get the open but actually fail to deliver what is implied – this ultimately results in loss of interest from the consumer and also a prompt unsubscribe.

8. Also invite your recipients to reply directly

Imagine if a potential customer is going through an email and has a query when they reach the end. They typically see the usual can-spam required sender information — company name, address, contact info and an unsubscribe link. Place a very simple line like – “If you have any questions at all just reply to this email — we read every message sent to us and respond within 24 hours” at the end of your emails and welcome replies.

9. Put valid questions right before your CTA

Asking a question raises interest, so doing it right before you present a CTA is an incredible way to increase its conversion rate. A simple question like “Do you want amazing email marketing hacks that will help boost your conversion rates?” right just above a button with simple “ Get Access to Amazing Email Hacks” text will perform better than one without the question. Use buttons for your calls to action. Instead of linked-text calls to action such as “click here,” use bright buttons. Large colorful buttons always draw attention and if your subject line and email body are perfectly composed, the reader is going to be more than eager to click a big bright orange or red button.

10. Pick a good time to send

The hard thing about email marketing is that it’s cut throat.
If you don’t grab someone’s attention in the few seconds you have to do so with a catchy headline, you quickly end up in the trash can, junk mail or lost at the bottom of a crowded inbox.

That’s why you need to find the best possible time to send your emails, ensuring they are seen and opened.
The more opens you get from a recipient, the less chance it will get sent to their junk mail and the better performance you will see over time.
Statistics tell us that Tuesdays are the best day for sending emails, and the highest open rates are between 2 and 5 pm.



Email marketing is an integral constituent in your online lead generation and business growth but only if you can carry out the strategies properly.
You are not alone, a lot of people see little to no results from sending emails because they must be doing it all wrong.

In order to get your desired results you will need to test time and again until you find something that suits your need.

That being said, if you apply the amazing marketing hacks that I’ve discussed in this article you will see a generous uptick in open rates and click-throughs. The rest is totally up to you.

Email Hacks for the Modern Marketer
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