Know What Makes Your Smartphone So Smart

Today almost everybody owns a Smartphone and lives are centred around them. And, perhaps you are reading this article on your smartphone as well. Have you ever wondered what is that which has made this piece of metal and a glass slab so smart? How come it has become so smart that we cannot imagine a normal life without it?


All this has been made possible by a small but powerful smartphone tools called sensors.
Here we are sharing a small list of sensors that are used in your Smartphone to make it really smart. If you would like to know more details, this site explains how position sensors work.

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This is the sensor that lets your Smartphone algorithm know in what speed you are moving and to which direction. This is the sensor that turns your screen from landscape to portrait mode and vice versa when you turn your mobile. And thank this sensor that you are able to use apps that calculates your daily walking habit and suggests your workout to keep you healthy.


This is that smart sensor that detects your position in comparison to the globe. This is the sensor behind your smart Google maps that scan your position and tells you the direction you need to move in. And, thank this sensor for all those compass type apps that let you know the direction even when you are standing in an uncharted location.


Hey all the racing game lovers out there! This cute little sensor deserves a hats-off from you all. This is the sensor that lets your car, bike or the runner escape hurdles just at a tilt of your phone. And, yes that new sensational 360º video and photo feature of your Facebook runs due to this sensor only. This sensor works on the principle of the angular momentums and senses motions from six axes i.e. up, down, right, left, backward and forward.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

This sensor communicates to the satellites hovering over the Earth to pinpoint your location. Thank this smart sensor whenever you book an online cab and it reaches your location without calling you a dozen times. It is this sensor because of which you lazily ask Google for suggesting restaurants and bars near you and Google obey you within a fraction of a second. Not only this, no emergency apps that assure to send texts or calls to your listed loved ones when you are in an emergency situation, can work without GPS.

Finger Print Sensor

Okay fingerprint is not actually the name of the sensor. Generally, capacitive sensors are used in Smartphone to read fingerprints. The sensors use the ridges of the fingers to detect the unique pattern and recognize the owner of the phone. Nowadays the ultrasonic sensors are being used in some new models of mobile phones to detect the fingerprint.

Proximity Sensor

This is the sensor that detects how near or far are your body parts from the mobile’s proximity. When you put your mobile to your ear the screen goes off due to the smartness of the proximity sensor.

Back-Illuminated Sensor

This is the sensor due to which you flaunt the perfect picture quality of your mobile camera in dark too. This is a digital image sensor which controls the amount of light captured while clicking pictures.

Ambient Light Sensor

This sensor is responsible for optimizing the screen light when the phone is exposed to different intensities of light. The sensor adjusts screen brightness automatically thus saving the battery power.


This sensor is not very common. There is some Smartphone that comes with a small sensor chip called barometer that detects the atmospheric pressure. This sensor is helpful in detecting whether changes. However, this might not tell you the exact prediction as the calculation can be misled by various appliances like heaters or ACs.

Iris Scanner

This again is a not-so-common type of sensor. As the name suggests the sensor reads the iris of a person that just like fingerprints are unique to each individual. The sensor is currently used for verification purpose that the phone is being switched on by the authentic person.

An important point to note here is that the sensors do not work in isolation for any function of your Smartphone. For doing one simple task you never know how many sensors are working in collaboration. So, be thankful to the persons regularly working to make your life easier by developing such sensors.

Know What Makes Your Smartphone So Smart
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