5 Reasons Why Your Online Business Needs Website Security

Unfortunately for businesses, figures show that cybercrime is on the rise. In 2016/17 alone, cyber-attacks on online retail businesses doubled on the previous year.

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While many assume that cyber threats typically effect large businesses, you may be surprised to learn that cyber criminals attack businesses of all sizes. In fact, almost 50% of cyber-attacks are on small businesses and this number is continuing to grow.

If these statistics have not yet convinced you, here are 5 reasons why your online business needs website security.

1. Cyber-Attacks are Random

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Hackers do not search for specific businesses but look for a set of vulnerabilities that make a website an attractive target – essentially, if a hacker can gain access to a website, then they will. However, many business owners do not know this and assume that their websites will not be a target. Because of this, small online businesses typically have less sophisticated security defences and often fall prey to cyber threats.

2. Security Builds Trust

Trust is essential for any business, but particularly for an online company where their entire image is built on their website. When customers purchase through an online business, they want to know that their details, including personal information and payment methods, will be safe. Increasing website security provides customers with peace of mind.

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3. Protect Brand Reputation

For small businesses trying to build their client or customer base, building reputation and brand recognition is essential. Unfortunately, security breaches often result in stolen data, which can lower trust and damage brand reputation. This can result in a loss of customers, leading to a reduction in revenue and in some cases, business closure.As such, it is essential to invest in website security.

4. Increase Rankings and Traffic

When a website has been subject to a cyber-attack, it is often backlisted by search engines. This results in lower search engine rankings, leading to lower site traffic, rendering your SEO effort worthless. When a website has been blacklisted, removal is a very long and difficult process. Having website security acts as a preventative measure, helping your website to remain visible to potential customers.

5. Security is Easy

Unless you are a software engineer, website security can seem daunting. Fortunately, as a business owner, you know that delegation is essential. As such, you can outsource and use a managed website security service. A third-party security company can assess vulnerabilities and update your site’s security, helping to prevent successful attacks.

As cyber attacks are being more common, it is essential to make sure that your online business is secure. Website security can help to prevent successful attacks, building brand trust and protecting your business.

5 Reasons Why Your Online Business Needs Website Security
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