5 Free and Cheapest Web Hosting Providers for 2018

Everyone loves free stuff. It is rather hard to come across people who will not look for the free stuff and will willingly spend money on it. The same rule is applicable when you are dealing with web hosting services. Even though there are so many paid hosting plans available in the market, there are times when you are economically tight and would like to come across the free web hosting services available in the market.

There are some top free and nearly free hosts, which are ravishing the market in 2018.

But first, it is really important to learn more about the different options, before you actually end up investing money on the web hosting plans. Some might be free but may not cover all your needful ideas and requirements.

So, make way for the free and almost free hosting plans, which will not burn a hole in your pocket but will cover your needs well and in details.


Primarily powered by HOSTINGER, 000webhost is the first name in the list, when you are eyeing for free hosting plans from this source. Other than that, this center also has cheap web hosting plans for you to consider right now. Through this amazing platform, you are about to enjoy zero cost hosting with MySQL, PHP and cPanel without worrying about ads! Now that seems to be an impeccable option to look for.

Features to check in:
It is really important to learn a bit more about this web hosting sector and the features it calls for. This will help you a lot.

• This web hosting plan is defined to be the world leader in offering first class form of free web hosting services, without any advertisement mess. This plan has already attracted millions of users, who are happy with the results involved in this sector.

• Another interesting feature has to be 99% uptime guaranteed service. This company has proof of its uptime service and has already won over millions of hearts.

• Unlike any other web hosting plans, this company is proud to support MySQL and PHP with nearly no such strong restrictions. Some of the features fully supported in this platform are Curl, Zend, XML, GD2, PHP sockets and more.

• You are definitely going to enjoy limitless disk space and bandwidth with the help of this source. Not only that, but you are about to enjoy the best ever and one click website installer with the same service.
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If you are planning to look for another interesting web hosting plan, claiming to offer you with free hosting service, then make way for iPage.com for sure. To be 100% assured of its services, some features can work for you.

• This source comes with easy setup features and with superb reliability since its inception in 1998.

• The package comprises of free Google marketing and domain in the list with unlimited bandwidth, disk and emails.

• On the other hand, this source can also be defined as free site builder and with favorable shopping cart for you to use.

Apart from the free variation, there are some cheap web hosting plans associated with this lot under a monthly starting price of around $1.99.
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Another name which is gaining worldwide popularity in the reliable web hosting category has to be Blue Host. But, this is not totally free but there are some parts, which are free of this sector. To learn about that, it is really mandatory to log online and get to the details first.

• This source is known for its impeccable performance, for which you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. The best thing about this source is that is has been endorsed by WordPress.org team. It clearly clarifies the importance this web hosting plan holds.

• Under the free section, you are about to receive weekly site builder and templates. You don’t have to pay a single dime for the same.

• On the other hand, if you want to grab the best Cloudflare CDN without spending anything from your pocket, then this source is the most waited one. You can have free CloudFlare CDN from this source.

Under the price sector, the monthly starting price of Bluehost.com has to be $2.95. Once you are satisfied with one month’s use, you can easily choose for the next months.
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It is another mandatory name for you to consider when you are looking for free web hosting plan. This source is designed to offer various hosting tariffs with some outlandish names in the market. It is also known to have a free plan under the name of Chocolate, which will provide users with 250MB disk space.

• Under the free plan Chocolate, you are going to receive 6GB of bandwidth per month and with MySQL and PHP compatibility. On the other hand, you will enjoy 3 POP3/OMAP email accounts.

• The server uptime of Freehostia is 99.9% and guaranteed to cover this deal like that. To top it all, this source has 24 hours of user support, in case any issue arises.

• This source is known to offer good 1 hour of ticket or emailing response. You further have the right to install Joomla, PHOBB, WordPress and other scripts through one click and by using the Elefante Installer.
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If you are looking for some other options, you can try your hands with InMotionHosting.com. This source is also known to house some unique features like:
• Free websites and cPanel migrations and Boldgrid builder and templates

• Free form of SSD storage, which can make your site load 20 times faster

• Free security suite with hack protection and SSL
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Why 000WebHost is Best

000webhost features
Even though the market houses so many free web hosting plans, nothing can beat the importance of 000webhost. It’s easy usability and free sign up features are somewhat different from what you generally get from free sources. Once you have started using it, you can understand the importance this web hosting company holds. This source has been offering free web hosting with 11 years of industry leadership!

5 Free and Cheapest Web Hosting Providers for 2018
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