Top 10 Most Anticipated Single Player Games of 2018

Video Games have evolved regarding graphics and user experience than before. The new games that are coming up in 2018 are blisteringly engaging. The production companies are coming up with new ideas and concepts to hold the attention of the players.

The rest is over; many exciting games are coming up this year that are worth waiting for. For the video game enthusiasts.

Here are the top 10 most anticipated games of 2018 that will make you restless and wander in want of them.

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10) Extinction:

Iron Galaxy Studio and Publisher Modus Games are bringing you an army of bloodthirsty monsters who want to destroy the humankind. Your objective would be to slay the giant enemies in an ancient style and save the humanity. There has always been an obsession to bring down the colossal creatures among the players; the game will provide you with an opportunity to become the sentinel of the city and the people, defending the countryside and rescuing the native people. The countdown has begun and the release of Extinction is scheduled on 10th April 2018.
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9) Metro Exodus:

metro exodus
Developer 4A Games and Publisher Deep Silver presents Metro Exodus which is a shooter game comprising of horror, stealth and survival elements. The game is third in the series after Metro: Last Light and Metro 2033. In the game, the players have to combat with hostile elements like mutated creatures and humans. The era of the game is set in 2036 and the story play of the game will be continued and follow the events after Metro: Last Light. The player will be experiencing the devastated Earth post-apocalypse due to Nuclear Weapon use. The game is scheduled to release in Q4 2018.
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8) Last of Us 2:

the last of us part 2
Last of Us Part 2 is an upcoming action-adventure game which will follow the league of its first part which was released by the name Last of Us. It is a single player survival horror game which is developed by Naughty Dog and its publisher is Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game will feature the return of Ellie who was the 19-year-old girl and was the main character in Last of Us Part-1. In the trailer of this game, Ellie is seen to be struggling with the antagonists who were trying to hang her up. She was rescued by some unknown persons and the suspense of the game started with their survival journey together.
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7) Days Gone:

days gone
Developed by SIE Bend Studio and Published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, Days Gone is an upcoming survival video game which comprises the elements of adventure, action and horror. It is a single player game in which the main protagonist Deacon St. John, who was a former bounty hunter decided to live his life in the wilderness taking the challenges of survival. The story of the game revolves around Deacon fighting for the survival from the mindless zombies, freakers and other creatures after the world was destroyed post-apocalypse.
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6) Red Dead Redemption 2:

red dead redemption 2
Red Dead Redemption which was a cowboy style GTA was launched in May 2010 and was liked by many. Rockstar Games is now coming up with its sequel in October 2018. Continuing the countryside gang war, the game will follow the story of Arthur Morgan who was the member of Dutch Van der Linde Gang in the Part-1. Red Dead Redemption 2 was nominated in The Game Awards 2017 under the category of Most Anticipated Game. It is the game for the players who are looking for the blend of Action and Adventure in a rhetorical way.
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5) God of War:

god of wars
God of War is one of the most awaited video game among the gamers. It is the second instalment in the series of God of War which was first released 2005. The theme of the game revolves around the Greek mythology in which the main character Kratos who is manifested as the new God of War after he killed Ares. In the new game, Kratos will be fighting with the enemies along with his son Atreus and will be training him in combat skills and other abilities. The game is scheduled to get released in April 2018.
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4) Vampyr:

Vampyr is a single player action role-playing game which is developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Focus Home Interactive. In the game plot, a doctor is turned into a Vampire due to Spanish flu pandemic in 1918 in London. The game will be played from the third man’s perspective and the game control will be through Jonathan E.Reid.
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3) Ghost of Tsushima:

ghost of tsushima
Sucker Punch has released the Action-Adventure game the Ghost of Tsushima whose publisher is Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game will take you to the Japanese history inducted with the elements of fiction in the year 1274. The Game plot will revolve around the invasion of the Mongols in the Japanese Territory, Island of Tsushima particularly. Samurai warriors being the ancient protector of Japan, the player as the last surviving samurai will defend the native land against the invaders.
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2) Spider-Man:

The wait for Spiderman fans is over now. Insomniac Games in association with Sony Interactive Entertainment are coming up with action-adventure Marvel superhero Spiderman game. The developers of the game have introduced advanced combating techniques and more flexible swinging abilities to make the game realistic and adventurous. They have also featured quick time events, stealth and environment combat features to equip the spiderman in fighting the antagonists. The game will be released in the first half of 2018.
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1) Kingdom Come- Deliverance:

kingdom com
Kingdome Come Deliverance is an action video game developed and published by Warhouse Studios. Players can get the single player experience of the medieval kingdom of Bohemia and the Roman empire. The content of this game is considered to be historically accurate which makes it more interesting to play. The accuracy of small details like clothing, real-world castles and combating techniques are taken care of which are developed taking the assistance of historians and other experts. The Game plot will focus on the civil war of 1403 that agonized the Bohemia.
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Top 10 Most Anticipated Single Player Games of 2018
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