Top 4 Android Games You’ll Love to Play

Android smartphone and tablets came a long way since the OS was first introduced a few years ago. Each new Android OS update came with new powerful features and abilities to make it smarter. Even, Android smartphones and tablets companies make their hardware much more powerful with extra RAM and

Top 5 Best Selling Android Games

The boom in the Android mobiles has also rocketed the Android market. The Android market is loaded with thousands of application and games. Some of them are free and for some there is a price to pay. Some of the best Android addictive games which are quite popular and are

Best Zombie Games for Android

Just go to Google Play, the official app store of Android, and search for zombie games there. You will find plenty of incredible zombie games. All wreath for this goes to huge developer base, which has created games and apps of different categories. Out of all apps, the zombie games

Iron Man 3 for Android Landed on Google Play Store!

Don’t get surprised by our title, we know this is a website dedicated to smart phone and computing technology; and so this post is. Yes, Iron Man 3 – Android Game by Gameloft has landed at Google Play Store! Before a month ago Gameloft promised to release the game on

Top 25 Android Games To Entertain Your Teens

The world of Android is truly one of the most fascinating technologies on the market at the moment. With innumerable applications to ease and entertain both adults and children. The android market has attracted its share of followers during a very short period of time. This amazing digital innovation as

10 Best Android Basketball Games

  Basketball is one of the most popular games worldwide. Die Hard Fans of the sport love every variation of the game and never miss a shot ( no pun intended ) to watch their favorite team battle it out on the court. Last year cancellation of NBA season turned

Top 10 Android Soccer Games for 2011

By Your Rules   Soccer is one of the worlds most popular played sports, whether we play it off the field or on our smart phones, soccer enthusiasts love a good game of soccer. Although field fans derive more satisfaction and their adrenaline levels surge when watching a live game

Top 20 Free Android Puzzle Games to Challenge Your Mental Aptitude

Today, we are featuring the top most puzzle games of android market which rocks the gaming charts of the Android apps. These android games might be responsible for your sharp mind because these are very interesting and you have to use your mind deeply to solve these puzzles and mind games. Be aware, sometime you might be frustrated if you fails to solve any puzzle. So get ready and start tickling your mind with these top free android puzzle and mind games.