Top 12 Alternatives of Siri

Siri is an extremely popular app which is loved by apple users. The app world was not immune to the astounding popularity of this app and thus there are a lot of other similar apps which were launched. While some of them failed to land the mark; there have been

Advantages of Book Apps in Your Ipad

With the advent of iPhone and iPad, the experience of the user interface has changed drastically. The touch screens have radically changed the way we communicate in our daily life. Even our children are finding the whole experience so exhilarating and easy to use. The advent of iPad has changed

10 Awesome iPhone Dental Apps for Dentists

Apple iPad is one great gadget in the market now. It’s important to know how to use iPad wisely in dentistry. There’s no doubt that, a dentist with an iPad in his/her hand would look more advanced and professional than one without an iPad. Many of the routinal actions in

8 Mind-blowing iOS 6 Features

IOS 6 is the most thrilling version of iOS ever since in progress by an iPhone or an iPod, so I couldn’t stay to install the iOS 6 betas on the iPhone 4S.The iOS 6 betas includes over 200 latest features, but these ten features are the ones that take

Best Jailbreak Apps for your iPhone

Presented below are the details of top 5 best Jailbreak Apps for iPhone, which would help you in enhancing the operability of your device. This post is written in order the showcase the importance of the Jailbreak apps in this well advanced world. Generally, Apple fixes few limitations while buying

Top 10 Business Apps for iPhone

It seems that more and more business people are turning to the iPhone as both their phone and their go-to gadget of choice. The iPhone App Store offers a staggering variety of apps, and many of them are perfectly suited for the business person on the go.

Top 10 Cool iPhone Accessories

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Introduced in 2007, iPhone has brought a revolution in the series of internet and multimedia-enabled smartphones developed and marketed by Apple Inc. The latest generation iPhone was released recently on 14th October 2011, and it has been named as iPhone 4S, and despite the fact that it came out as

Top 7 free iPhone Apps

Today we have more than 225,000 apps in the iTunes App Store. Yes this is the tabulated amount of iPhone apps, since they launched with a mere 500 apps a couple of years ago. There are apps related to specific tasks you do on a daily basis or there are

Best Docking Stations For Your iPad

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To Keep Your iPad Secure iPad tablets have already taken the world by storm. This multipurpose device is a huge favorite amongst tablet fans, and comes packed with a multitude of accessories which increase its functionality even further.

15 Free High Definition iPhone Racing Games

With the invention of iPhone, Apple took the future changing step, which was concluded into the smartphone war and heavy app development process. iPhone app market is on its boom, daily thousands of iPhone apps of various purposes are built and put out on the internet for apple lovers. Among

6 Cool Gadgets & Concepts You’d Want In 2012

  Since the advent of gadgets and smart phones, tech companies are diligently working in the direction of creating and introducing neww concepts and features to smart phones, gadgets, etc. In 2012 numerous gadgets will be unveiled. here is the list of most awaited gadgets and concepts of 2012 that

Free Top 10 Productivity Apps for iPad Users

The iPad is a line of tablet computers designed, developed and marketed by Apple Inc., primarily as a platform for audio-visual media including books, periodicals, movies, music, games, and web content. Its size and weight fall between those of contemporary smartphones and laptop computers. The iPad runs the same operating