5 Apps from Android to Enhance your Work Productivity

Android is not a new name to any of us now. In fact, it has received so much popularity with time that many tech savvy people have turned into Android freaks in no time. With concentration of improving the Android experience for gaming, doing tasks, watching movies no one uses

10 best android apps 2013 for kids

There was a time when children used to play much of outdoor games rather than indoor games. But with the changing circumstances and the emergence of new technologies like Android, toddlers seem to be much glued to the tablets or smartphones of their parents. They are much fascinated by the

Smarter Ways to Use your Smartphone

A smartphone is a mobile phone device, built around a compact operating system—such as the Android or Apple iOS. This device has advanced computing ability, connecting its user to a world of possibilities other than phone conversations, text and web surfing. But isn’t that what most people use them for?

Top Android Apps for Businessmen

Android has been making stellar strides from the day of its inception. Android based gadgets are rapidly becoming the best gadgets for everyone. Whether one is a student, teacher, blogger, gaming addict or anything else under the sun, Android has got an over-abundance of interesting apps for download. The sheer