Small Businesses Have A Lot to Gain from Cloud Computing

Small businesses need to think big to get the results they want. They need to drive results, but don’t always have the revenue to do so. One way that small businesses can help themselves is by using cloud computing. But why should small businesses turn to the cloud? To save

Top 5 Cloud Storage Providers

Cloud storage, to a layman this term remains un-recognizable no matter how many times you have used it. Take an example. You walk out of your home all set for today’s meeting. By the time you reach office you tend to get a feeling you’re missing onto something and a

Top 3 Cloud Trends that Are Changing the Business Landscape

Nothing in this world is constant except change – this holds true especially when talking about technological advancements. Every day, a new opportunity arises; there’s always something new. As for businesses – there is the emergence of the cloud computing concept that has been the buzz of the business world

Don’t Lose Your Work: Advantages of Working in the Cloud

So, you think you’ve got all your work saved; then your computer crashes and wipes your work out. When your server reboots, your file is nowhere to be found. Or the flash drive you used to back up your important files goes missing—or goes through a load of laundry. Even

Choosing Encryption Software: Standard versus Cloud Service

As file encryption software becomes more common, computer users must choose from an increasing number of encryption product platforms. Traditional encryption software is an option that has proven to be reliable over the years while newer cloud service solutions are offering lower cost of ownership and greater versatility. Learning about