Why Your Promotion Is Incomplete Without Email Marketing?

Email marketing is being used by numerous businesses all over the world. You simply cannot undermine the role and importance of email marketing for the promotion of your brand and products. Not for nothing, 90 percent of businesses regard email to be a valuable and effective communication, collaboration, and marketing

9 Tips to Increase Your E-Commerce Business Sales

70 percent of the buyers abandon their shopping journey even before they reach out to your business. However, there are some paths you can take to improve your e-commerce business to ensure you attract new buyers, retain the old and keep them coming for more. 1. Don’t rush your launch

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing, quite simply as the name suggests, is commercial marketing and promotional communications conducted through the use of email. Generally these messages are sent to current customers or potential customers but can also include emails sent to public venues. Although there are numerous reasons a business may send emails