30 Free Thin Fonts for Designers

When it comes to web design, typography can be consider as one of the major element of it. Fonts serve several purposes such as designing graphics, logos, headings, banners, and posters. A good collection of fonts might be handy as it allows you to choose the appropriate fonts for the

25 Outstanding Outlined Fonts for Designers

If you are looking for some exceptional fonts, outline fonts might be handy for your web designs; outline fonts are fonts which have a certain outline, hollow or empty design of characters, outline fonts contain outline on the edges of letters and the inner section of letter remains open. Outline

50 Choice Typefaces for Designers – What’s Your ‘Body Type’ ?

  The Typographical Principle, that is the creation of a complete text by reusing identical characters, was first realized in the Phaistos Disc, an enigmatic Minoan print item from Crete, Greece, which dates between 1850 and 1600 BC.