Will horse-racing get more hi-tech?

The traditional image of betting at the races involves seeing a queue of people looking at the odds on a big board, queuing up for their little chits of paper that might bring them a small fortune should their horse come in first. Today, though, there’s no need for any

Bingo on the move makes it more popular than ever

Not so long ago it would have been unimaginable to some players that you could play bingo online. But now, of course, millions of people log in to bingo sites at all times of the day or night to play bingo whenever they feel like it. It’s taken longer though,

Top 10 Android Soccer Games for 2011

By Your Rules   Soccer is one of the worlds most popular played sports, whether we play it off the field or on our smart phones, soccer enthusiasts love a good game of soccer. Although field fans derive more satisfaction and their adrenaline levels surge when watching a live game