Top Chrome extensions to speed up your browsing

Google’s Chrome web browser is already famed as one of the fastest web browsers going, but you can speed up your net surfing even more with these fantastic free extensions, and was recently approved by Microsoft’s Internet Explorer to become the most-used browser in the world.

Amazing Google Chrome Extensions For Playing Games

‘GOOGLE’ in itself is a very strong term in the world of networking. It is an American company working worldwide. Among the best technologies provided by this company, one is the internet browsing software ‘Google Chrome’. It is amazingly instinctual, is fast for browsing, and is quite thorough. Google Chrome

30 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

According to the current survey, Google Chrome has become one of the most popular and widely used browser amongst Internet users. Google chrome provides myriad of useful features to every type of users such as blogger, developer or gamers. It is an arduous task on Google’s part to tear most

Top 9 Google-A-Licious Extensions for Your G+ Profile

Google+ social network site is nearing two weeks since its premiere launch, and a multitude of things have changed since its inception. Web user reaction to the service has prompted Facebook to announce its plans for a slew of new features to hold off the new kid in town. Despite

Who Will Win the Social Network Battle | Facebook or Google +

Google the Net Conquering Hero but the Defeated Contender of the social network game has launched their new social networking service called Google + on Tuesday, to give its rivaling competitors : Twitter & Facebook a run for their money. Google’s senior vice president of engineering Vic Gundotra said :

Introducing Google Gadget by GOOGLE TALK

Read about the exceptional built in features of Google Gadget further… With the new Google Gadget, a user won’t be getting rid of new features which have been launched by Google Talk.