Realistic Pencil Vs Camera Artwork by Ben Heine

Pencil vs. camera artwork includes a photograph and a simple semi-realistic pencil sketch, when combining both the sketch and photograph something along the surrealistic occurs. Pencil vs Camera artwork is a which enables both mediums to blend into one another and borders along the lines of the surrealistic.

Sketch Paintings by Daniela Uhlig

Daniela Uhlig, hails from Berlin, Germany and is an  illustrator and freelance painter for a company. She has been working in the Art field since  2008, and has recently honed her skill and perfected her craft. Recently she wrote a book named , which emphasizes  the notion that excessive colors

Photomanipulation Art | Transcending The Frontiers of the Imagination

  Prior to the age of computers, photo manipulation was achieved through retouching with ink, paint, double-exposure, piecing photos or negatives together in the darkroom, or scratching Polaroids. Airbrushes were also used, thus the term “airbrushing” for image manipulation.