Understanding Game Warning Ratings

At the time of purchasing a video game, most people disregard the small black content warning label located on the cover of the game disk. This warning label represents the ratings of the game. Albeit, most people are not aware of these game ratings, but it is imperatively crucial to

Which Gaming Console Fulfills Your Gaming Needs Better?

It’s been a while since I’ve been pondering whether to get a gaming console. With all three prominent game consoles available in the country, how do you decide which one to buy? I’m not a dogged PC gamer, willing to invest tens of thousands of bugs every other year to

Gamers Are Social Animals

Over the years, gamers have been generalized and portrayed as brooding, introverted geeks, so much so that some might say there’s social stigma attached to being a gamer. We play myth busters and hope to dispel the veil of misinformation that surrounds this subject. Online multiplayer gaming is the Facebook