30 Beautiful Black and White Pictures for Inspiration

Black and white photography is an art, passion and apart from that Black and white pictures are the classic modification of any ordinary shot. Black and white photographs attracts people with its composition, lighting, perspective and the context it is shot. There is a saying a picture is equivalent to

15 Most Creative Landing Page Inspirations to Surge the Online Marketing Values

Designing a landing page needs lots of knowledge of above principals and creativity to attract the visitors. A successful landing page tries to convert visitors into sales to optimize the business performance. So today, we are listing 15 most creative landing page websites which know how to attract the visitors and these may be good inspiration for landing page designers too.

Gina Kiel Illustrations – A combination of Power and Beauty Based on Paradoxical Themes

Gina Kiel is an illustrator based in New Zealand and is represented by Sydney based illustration agency . Gina creates artworks combining wild imagination with a feminine touch and always a personal expression. She has an ability to balance the very same in an arguably more challenging subject matter. Illustrators,

Beautiful Art Concepts by Kentaro Kanamoto

Art can be defined as a process or physical thing which affects the senses, emotions and intellect by setting up something in a particular manner. Particularly art is referred as human activities, creations, and modes of expression, including music, literature, film, photography, sculpture, and paintings etc. Art is made with