iBetMate stands out from the pack

It’s not as if there is a shortage of betting apps available for Apple’s iPhone, but there is a shortage of really good apps out there for betting fans. While the majority of betting apps out there come with low ratings and high price tags, there are a number of

10 Awesome iPhone Dental Apps for Dentists

Apple iPad is one great gadget in the market now. It’s important to know how to use iPad wisely in dentistry. There’s no doubt that, a dentist with an iPad in his/her hand would look more advanced and professional than one without an iPad. Many of the routinal actions in

Top 10 Business Apps for iPhone

It seems that more and more business people are turning to the iPhone as both their phone and their go-to gadget of choice. The iPhone App Store offers a staggering variety of apps, and many of them are perfectly suited for the business person on the go.

Top 7 free iPhone Apps

Today we have more than 225,000 apps in the iTunes App Store. Yes this is the tabulated amount of iPhone apps, since they launched with a mere 500 apps a couple of years ago. There are apps related to specific tasks you do on a daily basis or there are

15 Free High Definition iPhone Racing Games

With the invention of iPhone, Apple took the future changing step, which was concluded into the smartphone war and heavy app development process. iPhone app market is on its boom, daily thousands of iPhone apps of various purposes are built and put out on the internet for apple lovers. Among

15 Free Best Photo Editing Apps For iPhone & iPad

Although Photo Editing can at times be regarded as a tough and time consuming task, it is necessary when attempting to enhance, modify and alter images.