20 Free E-Books for Designers and Bloggers

The best way to learn something may be – keep that thing near to you whenever you want that, can you carry your books all the time with you to get some help in trouble situation? Guess no! So the alternate might be E-books, the complete digitization of your printed

Ultimate Solution for Video Download and Manipulation – Video Download Capture

If you are frequent Internet user and like to watch videos very much, then probably it would be good for you to download your favorite videos to watch them anytime later without using internet. It would save your time and keep you safe from annoy due to slower internet connection.

12 Beautiful Social Media Vector Icon Sets Free Download

Social Media Icons are used into your next app, interface, blog, web design, or anything you have in the pipeline that needs to connect via social networking. . Another aspect of using these social media icons is if you want to promote your blog or articles in social media world

12 Best Software Which Help You to Manage Your Passwords

One better solution for above situation may be a utility which plays a little role of your mind, a password manager software which can store your all passwords and make you able to enter the appropriate password whenever require. There is much software available for accomplishing this task, but which one to choose? Today, we are listing 12 password managers for Windows OS which you can download free and use them to simplify your internet surfing life.