Why a business Phone Line is The Small Business’s Best Friend

Over the last few years, more and more people are setting up shop from their own homes – literally. The Telegraph reported that 8 million people in the UK alone are running an online business from their home. With low overhead and the incredible success of online market places, there’s

5 Hot Smart Phones Under Rs 15,000

You might feel confused when buying a Smartphone thinking that whether it is a smart buy or not. The Indian Smartphone market has lot to offer with different brands betting on value for money consumers to have a share of the market. Tech giants are launching their variants very aggressively

The world is a SMART phone PLACE

Adults are getting smarter, children are getting smarter, and subsequently technology is getting smarter. Smart technology is being used in every avenue of life to add convenience and speed and zest to life. Everyone wants to multi-task on many levels. People want to have fruitful careers and balanced family lives.