Improving the Technology of Your Home

Improving the Technology of Your Home Are you living in the dark ages? Does it take you forever to get online simply because your connection hasn’t been updated for the last few years? Perhaps you are bored of watching the same five channels night after night and you’re looking for

How Technology has Helped Health Administrators Spread the Word of Outbreaks

Technology has helped health administrators spread the word of outbreaks to the world because almost everyone is online now. People are looking to be healthy, and stay healthy these days as well. If it is online, the majority of the population will find out within hours to days of it

How BYOD and Remote Work Could Help You Be a Super Mommy

According to Global Workplace Analytics, more than 3 million Americans worked from home regularly in 2011, not including self-employed individuals. Additionally, about half of telecommute workers, compared to less than one-third of office employees, are satisfied with their jobs. By 2016, estimates show that 63 million U.S. adults will telecommute