Smarter Ways to Use your Smartphone

A smartphone is a mobile phone device, built around a compact operating system—such as the Android or Apple iOS. This device has advanced computing ability, connecting its user to a world of possibilities other than phone conversations, text and web surfing. But isn’t that what most people use them for?

Top 10 iPhone Apps You Shouldn’t Be Without

Smartphones are multi-purpose and mobile by their nature, so they’re quickly replacing everything else we own. Short of putting a roof over your head, an iPhone will provide you with social networking, news bulletins and online shopping, as well as games, films, music and photography. If you want to do

Top 7 free iPhone Apps

Today we have more than 225,000 apps in the iTunes App Store. Yes this is the tabulated amount of iPhone apps, since they launched with a mere 500 apps a couple of years ago. There are apps related to specific tasks you do on a daily basis or there are