10 Exceptional Tools For Website Testing

10 exceptional tools for website testing

When maintaining or running a website , Webmasters need to keep in mind that one of the pertinent issues they will need to focus on is :Website Testing, which is not only vital for the website itself but for the user as well and one should not overlook its importance.

Once a website is created, every webmaster should perform various tests regarding various parameters such as, its loading time, page analysis, web server testing, traffic analysis, browser compatibility, scripts, etc. Google began utilizing loading speed within its ranking algorithm since 2010 which tracks website speed, and renders whether a particular site has good speed which denote more probabilities of getting huge traffic for that site.

STG collected some vital and free website testing tools which will help Webmasters in testing their sites thus saving users to conduct time consuming needless searches in finding the best resources pertaining to Web related tools and info . Webmasters and users can use these Free 10 Website Testing Tools which not only serve helpful in testing one’s website but they will also enable one towards site optimization.

1. Load Impact

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10 Exceptional tools for website testing

Load impact basically assists users to know how much traffic their sites can handle at once, it performs a test on user’s site which includes 50 simultaneous users who visit the website at a same time to monitor user’s site from different locations. It also includes a page analyzer which performs another test to let you know how fast your pages are loading from the server; it displays the page loading time after analyzing the pages of particular site.
It is free for the 50 user’s simultaneous test but after that users have to pay for further tests.

2. Browser Mob

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10 exceptional tools for website testing

Another nice and simple tool which performs a website load test from 4 different geographical locations such as Washington D.C., Dallas, Tx, Dublin, Ireland and California, it runs a load test over 25 real browsers or 100 virtual users to observe the speed of user’s sites. If users want their sites to perform a test on even better conditions there are premium tests are available where users have to pay such as test including 5k real browsers and over 500 virtual visitors, premium version includes so many features such as providing real time reporting and fast debugging, screenshots etc.
Browser Mob also include various tools which can be useful for a website such as script validation service, ultra tools etc.

3. Alertra

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10 exceptional tools for website testing

Alertra is revolutionary tool which not only detects the loading time of a website from different locations but it also monitors web servers, Email servers, DNS Servers, Routers and All Protocols. Alertra is available as 30 days free trial service. Alertra provides a free service called Spot Check Url which enables users to check their web servers along with the ports from different location. (Probably from 11 locations).

4. Site 24*7

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10 exceptional tools for website testing

Though this tool is only for 15 days trial but it provides numerous benefits to the users such as website uptime monitoring, website performance monitoring, alerts and notifications, monitoring of web applications, website optimization (to speed up the websites if any error occurs), DNS server monitoring, even users can access their sites from the mobile using a web browser 24* 7 hours.
Site 24*7 allows users to check their sites and servers availability and performance from multiple locations location globally; it provides a list of the multiple locations from where users can choose any location in order to perform the performance task regarding their websites. see here

5. Host Tracker

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10 exceptional tools for website monitoring

Another worth tool which enables users to perform a test from 94+ nodes worldwide, it also includes error reporting notifications even on your cell phone, it monitors the site after short time interval such as 1/5/15.30/60 minutes. Its available for 30 days trial, it supports HEAD/POST/GET HTTP methods and CGI Scripts operations.

6. Webo Software

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10 exceptional tools for website testing

It performs a test on user’s websites and sends them a report on their email addresses, Webo Software assists users what should they do to increase their website speed and why do they need to do so? Webo software helps users to increase their sites speed, low bounce rate, average pages view etc. it includes package for companies, ecommerce, enterprises etc.
Webo software includes one great feature which is Webo Pulsar which helps users to control up time of their sites and performs so many tests such as HTTP, DNA and many more.

7. Built With

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10 exceptional tools for website testing

Built with look up and analyzes a particular website and provides an overall profile (report) which consists server name, programming language which used in to build up the website, CMS, Frameworks, Analytics and Tracking, Document information and many more.
Trends Pro version is available now users can free sing up here, it notifies users if any new technology added or removed from their sites such as Google analytics, it provides screenshots and notifies with emails to their users.

8. Web Page Analyzer

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10 exceptional tools for website testing

Webpage analyzer allows users to test their site speed to improve site performance, it calculates the page size, composition and download time, it also suggests users what they should do to increase the page load time.

9. Wave

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10 exceptional tools for website testing

Wave is a free tool by WebAim, wave shows the original web page with embedded icons and indicators that reveal the accessibility of the page.

10. CSE HTML Validator

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10 exceptional tools for website testing

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