Best Free Website Builders for 2017

A website builder is a tool which allows you to create any type of dynamic websites in minutes. Website builders are bundled with lots of tools and components such as templates, widgets, WYSIWYG interface, in built content, images and much more. Website builders provides simple drag and drop editor to create websites easily and without much hassle.

What you want from a website builder

Some builders are free, while others are paid. There are some features that you absolutely need to have in in a site builder in order to make your job or creating websites easy.

• Creating a basic website should be free
• The tool should provide you with free templates to choose from
• You must be able to create multi-level menus easily without coding
• The tool should be easy to use and also provide hosting options if you need them

Now that you know what you are looking for, in this article we have compiled a list of Best Free Website Builders for 2017, these website builders are free and allow you to create beautiful websites to serve your purpose. Each website builder offers a unique approach to designing, building, and editing a site and you will need to decide on which website builder best fits your requirements.

So, let’s explore the list one by one.

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1. IM Creator

im creator
IM Creator is one of the easiest website builder which allows you to create websites in minutes. IM Creator comes with drag and drop interface by which you can easily create beautiful websites. IM Creator also provides you free domain name of second level along with 50 mb storage. The main feature of IM Creator is that they have unique collection of templates and they update their repository regularly. And above all it is responsive and retina ready so your sites look great on every single device.
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2. Wix

Wis is one of the popular and widely used free website builder which enables you to create beautiful and elegant websites for any niche in minutes. Wix is bit complex but has numerous features along with eCommerce platform for digital marketing and also comes with clean/Semantic URLs for all pages.

Wix has myriad of templates with over 70+ different categoris to choose from. Wix has one of the most easiest and user friendly interface by which you can easily create a dynamic website. Wix has over 63 million users worldwide, you can start Wix for free, but will most likely need to upgrade to their paid plans which range from a little over $4 to almost $25/month.
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3. SiteBuilder

This is another free website builder which offers you a great collection of free professionally designed website templates divided on many different categories. It also gives you a free domain name on a sub-domain and opportunity to create more than one free website.

SiteBuilder has drag and drop editor, responsive ready and offers to create free website only with a promotional banner in a footer.
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4. Weebly

There are lots of free website builders out there, amongst them Weebly is quite popular free website builder which has some outstanding features which makes it distinctive than others.

Weebly provides free plan with standard options: domain name on sub-domain, free hosting without limitations, unlimited number of pages and you can also create basic online store but with 3% transaction.

And they update their templates on regular basis so you can always have fresh and unique templates to choose from. Weebly also provides drag and drop editor for easy customization and editing.
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5. Sitey

Sitey is new entry in this edition, Sitey has myriad of templates by which you can create business and portfolio websites easily. Sitey includes drag and drop editor, custom domains, Google friendly, optimized for mobiles, image library and 24/7 support. For free plan offers 50MB storage, 5MB file upload and 1GB bandwidth.
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6. Ucraft

Ucraft is an easy-to-use, free website builder that makes it possible for everyone to create a stunning site for their personal brand. Get your business in front of a large audience, present your work, set up an online store or just play around with new ideas. Ucraft provides you with everything you need to build a top-notch website.

Website templates provided by ucraft are fresh, seo optomized and stylish, you will get 1 page website with free ucraft subdomain, if you choose free plan from it.
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7. Webnode

Webnode is free and easy to use website builder which allows you to create a website in only 5 mintues. With Webnode you can create websites for your business, portfolios, online store or even a blog.

Webnode has myriad of free templates, its ads free, mobile ready, and includes no startup costs. Webnode includes advanced SEO techniques, and automatically generates clean URLs and site maps.
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8. Jimdo

Jimdo lets you easily create website with just a few clicks, jimdos provides free app for iPhone or iPad, which lets you edit your site anywhere you want. With Jimdo you can create free online store, of course with limited number of products – you will be able to sell only 5 items but without any transaction fees, 500MB of storage, free domain name on sub-domain and friendly customer support are also included into free plan.
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9. Web Start Today

web starts today
Web Start Today is a premium DIY website builder that helps you create professional websites for free. Web Start Today is ideal for small businesses, entrepreneurs, self-employed people, students, freelancers and even service providers to build professional business websites quickly and without any technical expertise. Its easy-to-use content management system, help centre and several other user-friendly features makes website creation easy even for a novice.

Free version of your website will include 5 pages, limited web storage and bandwidth (10MB and 5GB/mo accordingly) and WebStarts footer displayed on all pages of your free website.
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10. Yola

Yola is a fast and simple website builder which allows you to create professional looking websites without third party advertisements. Yola provides several templates and lets you choose from hundreds of different styles and lets you easily add your photos, videos, maps forms and much more. Yola provides you 5 websites instead of standard 1, banner-free hosting, quality customer support, build-in website statistic and 1GB storage per site. And as usual your website will be on a second level domain.
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So, these were some of the best and free website builders which you can use to create free websites for your business, portfolio, online store, blog and to serve any purpose you want. Though if you want more functionality and pro features then you go with premium plans they offer. But for newbies, the features offered by these websites builders are sufficient and enough.

Let us know which one is your favourite and why by posting a comment below.

Best Free Website Builders for 2017
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